Examples of sustainable architecture for the future

The current world scenario demands sustainable and Eco-friendly architecture so that we, the citizens of the world, can benefit from them in the future. With similar thoughts, certain architectural designs have been created that stand out as wonderf

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Eight most inspiring examples of sustainable bionic architecture

Most of the buildings you see today have single traditional rectangular looks that have been around for quite a while. But occasionally, you come across stunning buildings which defy the norm. They give us a picture of what the architecture of the future

sustainable bionic architecture

11 – Beautiful examples of cardboard architecture

A few days ago we brought to you some fascinating examples of bamboo architecture. But for the last two decades there has been another naturalistic, recyclable yet surprisingly sturdy material that is creating a niche for itself in the architectural field

Packed Pavilion Constructed

Five coolest homes made using recycled vehicles


As people are becoming more eco conscious, the mantra of reducing, reusing,
and recycling is becoming an important part of their life. Building houses out
of recycled materials is not a new concept now. Plastic bottles, old wood, and
even o

A garden house out of old car tires

BOKLOK – prefabricated homes from IKEA

Lovers of IKEA stuff have reasons to rejoice, for IKEA recently announced construction of living units dubbed BOKLOK.

For those not very familiar with IKEA, this is a Swedish privately-held (controlled by the Kamprad family), international home..

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