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DIY Vertical Axis wind turbine designs and much more

Statistical figures say wind power (providing 2.5 percent of total electricity) has reached an all time high worldwide consumption with 197 GW capacity and 430 TWh of total energy production. Now, for comparison’s sake the combined capacity of wind facili

DIY Vertical Axis wind turbine design

How to build a greenhouse with literally anything

Growing flowers, fruits, vegetables and plants in your own greenhouse is good way to unwind and spend some quality time with nature. If you are fond of greenhouses, you can build one in your backyard or garden easily. A greenhouse can be attached to your

Storm Door Greenhouse

How to Make A Solar Fan

Sun is an eternal source of energy. While all the sources of energy have their own limits but sun as a source of energy has no such limit (except during cloudy days). So, to use the energy coming from the sun to a higher limit, we should discover new tech

How to Make A Solar Fan

How to tar paper your roof

Tar paper is made from paper pulp or cardboard impregnated by tar. It is widely used globally as an excellent water proofing agent for rooftops. More popularly known as roofing felt paper, it is usually applied on a roof before shingling it. This prevents


How to build a hydrogen fuel cell at home

A fuel cell is a kind of device that converts hydrogen, methane or gasoline into electricity. It reduces the hard task that human beings used to do in the early ages. They are basically used in places like spaceships, where there is a requirement for effe

hydrogen fuel cell

DIY: A smart system to manage your grey water

At some point or the other, we all had to deal with managing our water resources. Even if water is available in plenty in a certain region, it does not go on to imply that you disrespect it by wasting it needlessly. Its time to step out of your…


Five DIY boats made from recycled materials

The pacific ocean has a new island that is growing in size with every passing day. Located in the North Pacific Gyre, it has been named as the Pacific Vortex or the Great Garbage Patch and is constituted entirely of plastic and garbage that have been disc

Bottles Up

10 – Best ways to recycle plastic drinking straws

As we all know, plastic takes hundreds of thousands of years to decompose, during which time its toxic attributes pollute the ecosystems and sometimes even pollutes the scarce groundwater reserves. However, plastic being affordable and water resistant at

Circles Lollipop

Best DIY solar ovens for green culinary

We are gifted with a lot of useful things by our nature. Solar power is one among them. Only we need to understand the value of such things and make use of them in the right way. Solar power is a powerful source of energy. However, we have not taken much

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