Tidal and Wave Energy Guide

Eco Wave Power develops devices to generate power from waves

Energy companies are finding success in efforts to generate power from sea waves. As the search for more alternative energy sources is going wild, an Israel start-up energy company Eco Wave Power has developed two small-scale devices for wave energy. The

Five innovative systems designed to harvest wave power

With the need for energy growing all around the world, we have to explore newer and better sources of energy. One resource that has been largely untapped till now is the energy from sea and ocean waves. The best thing about this resource is that it is com

What’s Next: Affordable wave power

As we know itGenerating electricity from sea-waves is a costly affair. Although, it forms one of the most constant source of renewable energy as compared to the sunlight and wind. While the latter two sources are affected by weather conditions, the waves

The Good, the bad and the ugly: Wave power

Oceanic waves are huge source of renewable energy. It has been estimated that waves alone can produce about 2-3 million megawatts of electricity to power the entire world. It can be done by placing electric generators on the ocean surface. However, harn

Everything I need to know about generating power from tides

While technology has done a lot to improve lifestyles, the numerous inventions and man-made machines require energy to run on and depend on some form of fuel. The high demand for fuel has caused the most-widely used fossil fuels to become dearer and the c

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