Eco Innovations Guide

Products and concepts that harvest water from the air

Every life form present on this blue planet needs water for survival. That’s the reason we see environmentalists over the world encouraging individuals to save every drop, as those precious drops might be what someone is desperately in need for. Since m


The Good, the Bad and the Ugly about Vertical Farming

Vertical farming can be described as a contemporary concept (first proposed as recently as in 1999) which is actually a defining amalgamation of urban and rural fabric of life. It calls for commercially viable crops to be cultivated and grown inside..

about Vertical Farming

11 most amazing inventions for a globally warmed world

While restricting emission remains the best possible way to stop global warming, researchers all over the world are trying to invent more efficient ways to save our planet from a devastating end which is not far away if the global carbon dioxide emission

Floating sustainable cities

4 Innovative plans to reduce plastic pollution in oceans

Humans have been discarding waste into the water bodies for ages. Over the years, the plastic pollution in our oceans has become one of the major environmental problems. The marine debris is not only creating the unsightly beach litter, but it also poses

reduce plastic pollution in oceans
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