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15 Eco-friendly stove designs to reduce environmental pollution

From the conventional Chulhas used in villages to the more widely used LPG stoves in the cities, emission of greenhouse gases is one of the greatest of concerns of today. Though LPG stoves are said to be most convenient and cause less pollution, studies h

Oorja Stove

Innovative eco-friendly products and why you should choose them

Eco friendly trend is now very popular across the world. This environmentally friendly concept is mainly used by industries as an eco-label on their products, ensures their undisruptive effects towards the environment. As a result of various natural calam


Green products made from eco-friendly plastic

Ecofriendly products are those products that are less toxic and produce minimal wastes than normal products. These products are environmental friendly, durable and are safe to use. These products are durable. So whatever is the situation, if it is possibl

lights made of plastic bottle caps
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