Top 10 Green Architecture Projects of 2011

We’ve always believed that green architecture can revolutionize
the urbanities of tomorrow, making them sustainable and reducing their carbon
footprint. Architects over the globe have been working hard to design
futuristic architecture designs, which wi

10 Green homes designed for Solar Decathlon

With ‘green’ being the buzz word of nature lovers in the modern world, green homes attracts significant attention. Going green in all aspects of living is the best thing one can do to express their love towards the planet in which they live. Environme

5 interesting examples of architectural adaptive reuse

Architecture for some means designing innovative spaces, for others it is creating utility spaces and yet for others it is resourceful use of space, time and material to create concrete structures. The metamorphosis in the domain of architecture has taken

10 creatively green sheds for earth lovers

Today, with growing awareness about the ever changing environmental conditions, everybody is opting for green solutions. In this context, our standard backyard sheds are also not lagging behind. With the application of some innovative and creative ideas,

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