Eco friendly concept computers for green computing in the future

Technology advancements are known to make what was new today appear obsolete tomorrow. Developments in the field of Information Technology are today happening so fast that computers come into the market and are soon rendered a piece of junk as well. This

Solar-powered clamshell PC might urbanize rural India

Energy efficient skyscraper concepts from around the world

The high buildings with many stories that can be seen standing towering around the urban cities of the world are called skyscrapers. When such tall buildings are built making use of eco friendly methods, they are referred as green skyscrapers or green bui

Future transport: Green co-evolution of road and vehicle

Eco Factor: Future highway system based on naturally occurring wind and air powered propulsion.

The future of urban transportation weaves around co-evolution of road and vehicle based on green energy. Industrial designer David Huang envisions…

Jet Stream Super-Highway concept
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