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Eco-friendly paint: Benefits, Examples, and more

Eco friendly paints always score over the traditional paints that use a great deal of chemical components. Some of the primary ill effects of these chemical based paints are burning eyes, nose and throat, irritated skin, minor skin burns, headaches, dizzi

Cost efficient

How to build a greenhouse with literally anything

Growing flowers, fruits, vegetables and plants in your own greenhouse is good way to unwind and spend some quality time with nature. If you are fond of greenhouses, you can build one in your backyard or garden easily. A greenhouse can be attached to your

Storm Door Greenhouse

Everything I need to know about eco-friendly water bottles

When you are out in the sun and you feel thirsty, what do you do? While traveling abroad what is the one basic thing that you always take care of? Well, the answer to both these questions is the same – bottled water. Yes, bottled water is so deeply integr

Green Planet

Best air purifying indoor plants for green homes and offices

You might be thinking that staying indoors is the best way to remain pollution-free, but you are seriously wrong. Research shows that the air content indoors is 30 percent more polluted than the air outside – particularly during the winters, when door

The Rubber Plant

5 Green tips to build eco-friendly homes

Eco friendly homes are the new trend to show your environmental awareness. These houses not only look pretty but they also have some real life benefits. The green color has a soothing effect on eyes, so having a green house will definitely improve your me

build eco-friendly homes

Hana Hideaway: A stunningly green dwelling in Old Hawaii

Hana Hideaway is a custom eco-friendly home for a tranquil stay in Old Hawaii. This highly environmental dwelling situates far-off from the bustle of city traffic and all other ‘civilizational’ noises. You can enjoy the lush green oasis, serene ambian

Hana Hideaway

Straw Bale Home: Completely off grid and self sufficient

Living in the wild desert, where temperatures vary between extremes is a challenging task, and to uniquely suit the circumstances, Edge Architects from Taos, New Mexico, has designed a high desert home that will make living in the desert not only more con

Straw Bale Home

The good, the bad and the ugly about bamboo homes

Bamboo construction is very popular in south east Asia, and now also in central and Southern North America. This form of construction has been used in countries like China for many centuries and now several other countries are also adapting this form of c

Butterfly bamboo homes 
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