Eco Home Appliances Guide

19 Eco-friendly fridge designs made to save energy

Household appliances use 20-25 percent of your home energy, wherein maximum electricity is consumed by the refrigerators. It’s especially in summers that we keep our refrigerators on “cool maximum” mode. Replace the old refrigerators with eco friend

Solar-powered refrigerator

6 Home appliances made using recycled materials

The Green is the latest trend in every field these days and there is no stopping to this green change. The ‘green’ word has completely changed the world as it was earlier. The green technology these days is incorporated on a high scale in home appliances.

Ultrasilencer Green

How it works: Heat activated fan

What is it:When it comes to making new inventions, human beings have always been able to go beyond the imaginary. How unbelievable would it be if natural gas or stove could be used to run a fan? Sounds a bit weird but this is the reality, thanks to Garret

Future Perfect: Energy efficient home lighting, courtesy LED bulbs

With the increasing electricity bills, people are turning toward energy-efficient lighting that includes natural, as well as artificial light sources. Even the companies are looking forward to develop such types of lights that consume lesser power, while providing equal brightness.

Best bathroom lighting ideas that help conserve energy

You might think that using a CFL or LED lighting will not make a major impact in conserving energy but in reality if every household takes simple and easy measures to save energy, it can make a substantial difference to our environment. Planning efficient

Eco friendly bathroom cabinets

These days people are opting for eco-friendly policies while designing their home especially bathrooms. Eco-friendly bathroom cabinets are available in a wide range providing you with a fantastic looking and environment friendly bathroom. These cabinets a

Eco friendly shower designs that help conserve water

We all are aware about the hazards of water scarcity and how it might become the cause for a third world war. Authorities at Municipal Corporations around the world have a thumb rule of allotting 100 to150 litres of water usage per person, domestically. A

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