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by sanket nagulpalli

Eco Homes in South Korea- Making lives easy

Environment friendly homes are getting popular with time. Known as Eco homes or green homes, they are best suited for protecting the environment in the best possible manner. Solar energy…

Racing Wood: A three wheeler crafted entirely out of wood

When your vehicle is named as ‘Racing Wood’, it becomes essential that the vehicle reflects the use of wood in every aspect. And that is exactly what three design students from HAWK University of Applied Sciences and Arts have done. The result of thei

6 Home appliances made using recycled materials

The Green is the latest trend in every field these days and there is no stopping to this green change. The ‘green’ word has completely changed the world as it was earlier. The green technology these days is incorporated on a high scale in home appliances.

Most eco friendly cities in the world

In today’s scenario, being eco friendly not only means planting a lot of trees in the city; countries are adopting latest technologies and procedures to make their cities eco friendly from within. For example, the government of Malmo a Swedish city has

Eco friendly flooring options for green homes

There are many ways we can strive to improve the quality of how we live. Going green has never been easier, as today, new technology and innovation is giving us the tools to do so. The first place where green living can be applied to is the home, starting

Eco friendly concept computers for green computing in the future

Technology advancements are known to make what was new today appear obsolete tomorrow. Developments in the field of Information Technology are today happening so fast that computers come into the market and are soon rendered a piece of junk as well. This

Zero Rally 2012: Emission free cars race on exclusive green corridor

Europe is taking in electric cars and building an infrastructure that supports them at a rate that is far greater than those on the other side of Atlantic. In a joint Nordic Venture, Norway and Sweden have built one of the first Green Highways of the worl

Eco friendly drinks

Whether you are throwing a party or are simply looking to chill at home by yourself, a drink can be refreshing at a hard time. Try out eco friendly options…

Hydro One’s distribution power grid to be updated to smart technology

Hydro One, a major distributor of electricity in Ontario (Canada), picked IBM and its Business Associate Telvent for a new smart grid project with the aim to develop the province’s electrical system. In preparation of the project, the associated compan

MIT researchers develop efficient anti glare water repelling glass

MIT researchers have once again proved their worth, this time by developing a new type of glass that not only doesn’t reflect light but repels water as well using nanoscale cones on its surface. The innovative team of researchers is hoping that the tech

Eco Architecture: £27m Waingels College to be made from sustainable wood

Eco Factor: College to be made from wood gathered from sustainably managed forests.

Designer Sheppard Robson was given a challenge to design a new school within the footprint of a fully operational one without provisions for temporary…

Boeing SUGAR Freeze: LNG-powered jet to increase fuel efficiency by 60 percent

Aviation industry is already reeling with a global dip in tourism along with increased fuel prices. It not only has an ecological incentive to go green but also a very strong economic one. And no matter what the reason is, the end result is something to b

Eco Architecture: Solar Forest keeps your EV cool and charges it as well

Eco Factor: Solar energy harnessing parking lot provides green charge for your EV.

With the demand for electric vehicles increasing with every passing day, researchers and designers are focusing on a completely different issue – electricity to…

‘Muckbusters’ help in converting food waste to usable, clean electricity

When we talk about sustainable electricity generation, perhaps the very last thing that comes to our mind is food. But, the next time you guiltily scrap off your plate over the dustbin, remember that all of such discarded stuff can actually help in produc

The Good, the bad and the ugly about hydrogen fuel cells


Going green is a trend these days. People are becoming more and more concerned about their earth each passing day. For this very reason they are clinging onto the usage of sustainable and environment friendly products. Be it their…

New, stylish eco-friendly bulbs for your beautiful home

There are no homes without electric bulbs these days. Besides, a light consumes 10 to15% of the electrical energy in a household. The use of standard electric light bulbs is…

Podder: A futuristic form of public transport set in Singapore 2020

Once again, we have come across a transportation conception in the form of ‘Podder’, with its conceptualized scope tailored for the future. However, this time the design lends itself that definite essence of credibility fused with sustainable technology.

There Is An Eco-friendly, Convertible Bag For Every Age

The main benefit of this eco friendly convertible bag is that it can be used by people of different ages.