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Eco friendly concept computers for green computing in the future

Technology advancements are known to make what was new today appear obsolete tomorrow. Developments in the field of Information Technology are today happening so fast that computers come into the market and are soon rendered a piece of junk as well. This

Five fascinating zero-emission motorcycles for cleaner roads

A zero-emission vehicle has been defined as one that does not release any tail-pipe emissions from source of power on board. The pollution of air takes place on a large scale due to the release of poisonous chemicals, particulates and gases from vehicular

Can China Achieve Eco-friendly Urbanization?

Regarding economic and technical progress in China China is one of the biggest and the highest populated nations of the world. Beijing is the capital city of China. For the…

What’s next: Energy efficient electric vehicles

As we know it Electric vehicles (EVs) are slowly catching attention of auto-manufacturers and users alike. Reasons for this are many ranging from growing awareness about negative impacts of carbon-emission from conventional vehicles and the need of a su

Sprout Eco-Friendly Bird Print Dial Watch for Greener Times

In the light of global warming people are making a few changes to combat the phenomenon and to save the environment and our planet. Global warming has now become a…

How to set up an energy supply company

There is always a demand for energy, so starting your own energy supply firm could be quite profitable for you. Instead of a conventional energy supplier, you could venture into…

Solar powered 3D printers could solve myriad problems in developing countries

In areas where electricity is a problem due to certain reasons, the 3D printing technology can come to rescue if it is solar-powered. In fact, about one-fourth of the world’s…

Effective designs that can help reduce carbon footprint of your home

Increasing rate of carbon emission is considered one of the main reasons behind the deterioration of natural environment. All around the world designers are trying to develop more eco-friendly furniture…

Project KivuWatt will use hazardous methane to produce electricity

Lake Kivu is one of the great lakes of Africa located in the Rift valley. It covers 1040 sq mile and sits in a volcanic area between Rwanda and the Democratic Republic of Congo. Within the lake, under a pressure of 1000 ft of water, remains dissolved and

Building Homes the Green Way

The global green initiative has also reached our homes; we use energy efficient light bulbs and solar panels to cook our food. We contribute in many small ways to an…

5 Most common home appliance problems and how to fix them

If you are a seasoned mortgagee or a home- buyer, later or sooner, you are surely going to deal with electrical appliance troubleshooting like either a defunct dishwasher or an…

What Next: Eco friendly products powered by microbial fuel cells

As we know it The need for more energy and scarcity of existing sources demand scientists act briskly for various alternative sources. Well, efforts to develop multiple methods of reliable and sustainable energy have been running wild for a while. The mi

6 – Ways bacteria can be used to help better the environment

Whenever anyone mentions the word bacteria, all we can think about the diseases that are associated with them. True that bacterium can be harmful and can cause many diseases like tetanus, typhoid, leprosy and cholera. But, not all of the bacteria are harm

Graphene-based capacitors could replace chemical batteries

Existing energy storage methods miserably fail to keep up with the recent evolution in technologies and gadgets. There should be more consistent energy storage options apart from the traditional chemical batteries. A new kind of electrochemical capacitor

Green wheels: Michael Motorsports’ Gitano

The urgent need to reduce harmful environment impacts and
for reducing dependency on oil is shifting an alternative interest in
manufacturers for fuels and green technology. Green technology is the
alternative use of environmentally friendly vehicles that

Six creative sculptures designed to run on solar energy

With the ever-increasing environmental awareness, design houses and architects from around the globe are looking for new and innovative ways to give an eco friendly touch to their creations. Every other day, we get to see and hear of amazing examples of s

10 Things to consider before you buy an electric vehicle

With the crude prices on the rise, many people think of going for an electric car. This way they can make a saving in their monthly expenditure. These days, number of such cars are available in the market. These electric cars are very smooth, available a

Michelin Challenge Design entrant conceives clamshell package inspired family car

The Michelin Challenge Design is a competition that seeks to serve as a platform for original vehicle concept works by designers. For the year 2012, the challenge was to conceive of a futuristic lightweight family car that would be able to transport four