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Eco-friendly Island Meal Deal At Rapanui

Hovertravel Organized An Eco-Friendly Meal At Rapanui Hovertravel has joined up arms with Rapanui that is among most popular manufacturer of eco-friendly clothing. Leading intention behind this merge is to…

Gold could be the most efficient catalyst for nanoparticle fuel cell reactions

The main limiting factor that is currently slowing down the process of fuel cell development is the inadequate studies made with respect to metallic catalysts. In this regard, Chemists at Brown University experimented with gold and developed a triple head

Tips to have an Eco-friendly House Party

Do not worry if you are eco-conscious and want to throw a house party. These simple tips will make sure you and your ideologies are a winner. Tips to have…

House building plan software you can use to design an eco friendly house

If you are keen to design your new home, the best way to go about is to use a house building plan software. The beauty of a house building plan software is that it can help you design eco-friendly homes, exactly the way you desire. But before you get all

The Big Question: Can flexible fuel vehicles have a green impact on the environment?

Why we are asking this now? At a time when the world is facing twin threats of global warming and energy crisis, scientists have shown that alternatives in the form of vehicles that run on ‘green’ fuels such as ethanol, E-85 (blend of 15 percent gasolin

Las Vegas Palazzo Resort Named Most Eco-Friendly Hotel in America

The entire world is now singing the Go Green song, which means that the people are demanding the elements required for their lifestyles should be eco-friendly and deliver less harm…

What’s next: Energy efficient electric vehicles

As we know it Electric vehicles (EVs) are slowly catching attention of auto-manufacturers and users alike. Reasons for this are many ranging from growing awareness about negative impacts of carbon-emission from conventional vehicles and the need of a su

Making your pantry green and ecologically friendly

Living green has become the way of life and applies to every aspect of our daily activities and even our pantry. Pantry is the place where we store all our food products and other linen or things essential for the kitchen. Sometimes, this place can be the

The next step in the future of 3D printing is the continuous fiber using 3D technology

Continuous fiber using 3D technology utilizes the best of both worlds. Not only it has the flexibility of 3D printing, moreover, it also has the strength of composite materials. With…

Scientists find traces of radioactive contaminants from Fukushima in the California kelp beds

Given the current levels of industrialization and its impact around the world, the very scope of a localized natural disaster can actually expand and have its consequence globally. This adverse trend was aptly exhibited by the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear di

Scientists at Carnegie offer new insights into hydro gen at extremely high pressures

Hydrogen is the most abundantly found element in the universe. All the stars that we see in the night sky, including our own sun use hydrogen as fuel to keep their engines running. Hydrogen fuel cells also hold incredible promise as we head into a future

The Good, the bad and the ugly about hydrogen fuel cells


Going green is a trend these days. People are becoming more and more concerned about their earth each passing day. For this very reason they are clinging onto the usage of sustainable and environment friendly products. Be it their…

Microsoft Goes Green with new website for Eco-friendly PC’s

For those involved in the latest updates and releases regarding PCs and laptops and more specifically in PCs, there are only two names that come to mind off the top…

Eco-friendly UAVs surveilling the heights with a clean conscience

The word UAV brings to our mind unmanned aerial vehicles flying high above the battlefields of Iraq and Afghanistan, tracking down and bombing militant hideouts. UAVs have evolved from being war machines to tools to study the environment or carry out reco

The driverless future of sustainable transportation

Present needs Our dependence on automobiles has seen a massive increase in production. Cars are being churned out in huge numbers to meeting growing consumer demands. SUVs, sedans, hatchbacks and coupes now come in different styles, all stunning and havi

Scientists contrive a way to make hydrogen fuel cells more efficient

The field of hydrogen fuel cells still remains relatively nascent, when it comes to its large scale utilization for generation of power. This certain level of inapplicability is felt more in important sectors like the automotive industry, where there have

City Hybrid: Sustainable design that uses a sturdy bamboo frame

Modern roads are pretty cluttered and with more cars making their way on to the roads with each passing day, it seems like the traffic is only getting worse. Add to this all the carbon emissions as well and you are stuck on roads that seem to keep you wai

What’s next : Generating bio-energy from stored carbon dioxide

The concentration of CO2 in the atmosphere is estimated at 380 ppm and that needs to come down to 350 ppm to limit the global warming to 2 degrees Celsius. And most scientists agree is the acceptable upper limit. A higher temperature would cause the world