EcoFriend – Promoting Eco Friendly Lifestyle to Save Enviornment

by sanket nagulpalli

Folding bikes geared to stretch bicycling to an enticing future

The need for emission free travel When the first automobile was successfully developed in the 19th century, the world rejoiced for at long last people could get around long distances in relative comfort and speed. Over the years, we’ve seen automobiles

Mimicking nature: Artificial photosynthesis

Artificial photosynthesis replicates the natural photosynthesis process for producing electricity. The natural process involves two critical steps or half reactions. First is the oxidation of water molecules to produce oxygen and protons (hydrogen). And

Make your office paperless with these tips

Take a look around your office and you will notice piles and piles of paper everywhere. Imagine the loss you will incur in case there is a fire or flood…

The eco friendly attributes of clay roof tiles

Clay roof tiles have been preferred over other roof materials from time immemorial due to their durability and sturdy properties. They can last you a lifetime providing you with the much needed cool comfort and pleasant surrounding at your home or workpla

ELVIIS: An intelligent on board charging system for your plug in vehicle

Our ears are probably tired of hearing the same old story of how challenging it is to keep your EVs running without having an efficient charging infrastructure in place. No doubt the scenario is grave with regard to the use of EVs, yet we might soon see a

Autonomous Buildings: Are we likely to see them in future?

With IoT and AI making their presence felt in our homes, transforming them into smart homes, the concept of buildings which will be ‘smart’ is not so unrealistic. Architect firms…

2012, K1 Evelio ready to take over Tesla Roadster

The supremacy of Tesla Roadster is all set
to be challenged by its new rival, K1 Evelio, unveiled at the Goodwood Festival
of Speed. It is a perfect combination of looks and brains. The first look at
its pictures and you know why we say it is a visual del

World’s largest battery in China stores 36MWh of energy

World’s largest battery for energy storage has been realized in China. A collaboration of BYD, an automobile and rechargeable battery maker and the State Grid Corporation of China (SGCC) has worked behind the huge battery, which is located in Zhangbei,

Michael Robbins uses sustainably sourced wood to create beautiful handcrafted furniture

Furniture made from sustainably sourced wood is in huge demands these days. Not only does its use allows homeowners to cut down significantly on the overall cost of the furniture…

Five unique recycling ideas for your kitchen items

Do you want to replace some of your damaged kitchen items? Or simply got bored of your older kitchen tools and accessories? Don’t discard them. Here are five unique recycling…

Dream liner is no more

Necessity of eco friendly vehicle: Nature conservative vehicles have very high demands nowadays. That is why the use of the fluorocarbons, leaded petroleum and other polluting substances uses in engines…

The Bianchi Luxury Gucci Bicycles redefine eco-friendly fashion

Luxury is about to get a new name in the form of two bikes that have been exclusively created by Gucci for all the fashionistas around. Christened Bianchi, these bicycles will give a touch of sumptuousness to the world of biking. These Bianchi Luxury Gucc

Five affordable and eco friendly ways to gift gifts

Gifts are a common norm during all days of the year and the usage of materials such as wrapping paper in these gifts amounts for significant impact on the environment.…

The Big Question: Can planting forests in deserts cool the planet?

Can planting forests in deserts cool the planet? Why are we asking this now? Converting the sandy stretches of desert to lush green forests sounds weird. But this is what has been of late proposed so as to counter the huge Carbon emis

Delhi University demands a Greener Elections

The Green Revolution has also hit closer to home with the students of the Delhi University protesting the amount of paper that gets wasted during the Students Union elections. A…

Seven green products aiming to reduce your carbon footprint

The 21st century has been a mute witness to several advancements in technology and lifestyle that have taken place at the cost of our environment. Irresponsible human activities have increased the emission of green house gases causing extensive damage by

Optimizing nuclear cleanup process with a uranium molecule

Scientists at the Edinburgh University have recently discovered a uranium molecule, which they claim could be a breakthrough development for optimizing the cleanup process for nuclear waste. Radioactive molecules are the key component in the removal of n

Tips to take Public Transportation

Public transportation is green and saves you a lot of money. Here’s tips on how you take the eco-friendly route.