EcoFriend – Promoting Eco Friendly Lifestyle to Save Enviornment

by sanket nagulpalli

Progressing eco-friendly technology to make the world a better place

Eco-tech is on the rise as more and more people get behind the go green campaign. European countries have begun banning plastic bags from being used in stores. Laws that…

7 Companies that promote eco-friendly packaging

A lot of people don’t understand why there’s so much talk about sustainable packging nowadays. Well, it’s because packaging waste accounts for 35 million tonnes of waste every year in…

Technology Green Energy: Environment Friendly Household Products

Times have changed and we as a race have become a lot more aware of our environment and also realized that how over the years we have ruthlessly used the…

Kinesis concept vehicle converts mechanical energy to electricity

A concept proposed by Marcus Martinez, the Kinesis electric vehicle concept is a combination of a bicycle and a car, also having some features of a motorcycle. This concept is based on kinetics which is the energy of a body gained because of its motion. A

Eco-friendly leather bags for the gorgeous woman!

Many people are opting for the eco-friendly products these days. From food to containers everybody is showing more interest on the eco-friendly products. In recent days the craze for the…

Seven most eco friendly vehicles designed for race tracks

World is going green, almost in every industry green technology research is on the rise. Since racing is one of the most popular sports around the world, adopting a green technology in race car is a must as race cars need more fuel than ordinary cars.Thes

Greenest airports in the world

There are many airports around the world that are known for their state of the art technology and have an impressive architecture, but lack behind in supporting a sustainably eco friendly environment. Such airports do little for the environment and leave

Best eco friendly aircraft designs

Aircrafts and eco friendliness don’t usually go hand in hand. These flying machines are usually known to guzzle tons of fuel and pollute the atmosphere. But this hasn’t stopped designers from coming up with eco friendly concepts for aircrafts that are

Duo: An electric vehicle infused with advanced user friendly features

We have come across a wealth of innovative conceptions tailored for those low emission romps around tight city corners. However, most of them tend to flaunt only their green credentials; thus relegating the importance of the driver. In this regard, design

Top 5 sexiest green cars designed in 2011

The rising fuel prices and the negative effect on the environment due to the rise in smoke belching vehicles have forced many companies and individuals to develop green cars using the modern technology. These green cars are run using the alternative sourc

Best sustainable seafood recipes

Giving yourself a seafood break might not always be a ready option because of your busy work schedule or because good restaurants are not present within close proximity. So, there is a better option for all you seafood lovers. You can now follow simpl

9 Budget-Friendly Tips for Renovating Your Green Home

So you’ve been living in that same home for quite some years now? Are you bored of living amidst the same interiors for such a long time? Do you wish…

16 healthy and environmentally friendly sources of protein

Protein is essential for the body. Animal protein is good for you, but sadly, the production and processing as well as transportation of animal protein has a very negative impact…

Homemade aircraft that runs on gasoline takes to air in China

How many of us have dreamt of flying to work? Not so much because you want to be that big shot who comes down his own multi million dollar private jet and has his own landing strip right in front of his work place, but us simpletons, it is simply a dream

Eco Trikes: Mitka Trike – Human electric hybrid promises a comfortable ride

Eco Factor: Electric trike with a built-in pedal mechanism.

Researchers all over the planet know that electricity is the next-gen fuel. Automobile manufacturers are now concentrating on vehicles which make the most of this green power source….

Guide to resilient building design and LEED

Over the last years, we have all heard a lot about green buildings, LEED, and sustainable design principles, but in these days, you may also hear about resilient building design.…

Four effective and environmentally friendly gardening tools

If you are amongst those who love gardening, one of the best ways for you to take care of the garden is by engaging in the variegated eco-friendly garden tools…

Electronic brands that are eco friendly

Green peace had ranked the top eighteen electronic manufacturers of appliances like mobile phones, TV’s and personal computers and gaming consoles on the basis of their green policies pertaining to…