EcoFriend – Promoting Eco Friendly Lifestyle to Save Enviornment

by sanket nagulpalli

Microbes and genetic engineering team up to offer a green hope

Our planet is a very finely balanced ecosystem and a small change can trigger consequences that could only be apparent after several decades. Millions of little and big things came together at the right time and in the right place for the third rock from

What’s Next: Gadget batteries that need no charge for months

As we know it You all would have been using rechargeable batteries in your various gadgets and experiencing that these need to be charged often. Some of you might also…

How it works: Heat activated fan

What is it:When it comes to making new inventions, human beings have always been able to go beyond the imaginary. How unbelievable would it be if natural gas or stove could be used to run a fan? Sounds a bit weird but this is the reality, thanks to Garret

How Can You Reduce the Carbon Footprint of Your Everyday Diet?

Have you ever realized that the mere existence of a person, animal, a vehicle, or any organization actively contributes to the total carbon content in the atmosphere? This, in turn,…

The Good, the bad and the ugly: Solar thermal energy

The technology for harnessing solar energy to generate heat or thermal energy is called solar thermal energy (STE). The US Energy Information Administration has classified the solar thermal collectors as low, medium, or high temperature collectors. Low-te

Eco-Friendly Farming: A Key To Preserve Tropical Biodiversity

Ongoing clash between preserving biodiversity and nourishing the earth through agriculture is perhaps the most intricate confront for conservation. This is the leading cause behind the evolution of eco-friendly farming…

Going Green with eco friendly textile

As everybody knows, bio-diversity is usually a concept that is important for the environment and without having it; the environment would grow to be an unhealthy spot to live in.…

The good, the bad and the ugly: Wireless electric vehicle charging

Since electric cars are fueled by electricity, they need to get regular charging to be used. Now more development has been done in this field and electric cars can be charged via wireless charging method. The technique of wireless charging seems easy a

Ideas for Eco-friendly Wedding Favors

How would you like your wedding to be if it is celebrated in a clean and green way? Wedding favors need to be green as well in an eco-friendly wedding.…

Amazing eco friendly shoes for green loving people

You will love these eco friendly shoes that fit seamlessly into your green lifestyle. You might have despaired over having to buy shoes, which are not sustainable. Now, many well-known…

Urban women can go green with Velo Chic compact bike

According to statistics in America women comprise of only 25 percent of the total bicycle riders. One of the reasons for this is the lack of bicycles on the market that focus on this niche, and provide a viable and comfortable product to its clientele. “V

Eco-Friendly Business Ideas for Savvy Entrepreneurs

Make the business profits green-way   The degradation of the environment and such a quicker pace has lately become the major issue of concern for each and every individual surviving…

Zipvan to now offer cargo transport services in Boston and Washington D.C.

Zipcar is renowned for being one of the world’s frontrunner when it comes to being a car sharing network that reaches far and wide. The idea of car sharing might not be very appealing to many who love the freedom of owning their own cars, but if you are

Consumer impact can make business think eco-friendly

Companies are being forced to manufacture and use eco friendly products, as the consumers awareness has increased about the usage and benefits of these products. Manufacturers make sure that products…

Triton: A self sustained marine warning system

This is a marvelous drifting beacon that also serves as a forewarning device and guidance system on the sea. The flexible and purposeful design can be used in any water body like a sea, lake or even a pool. It can be a convenient addition near a lighthous

Brammo Empulse: A pre launch preview of the electric motorbike

The fate of the electric motorbike, the Brammo Empulse has rather seen too many ups and downs in the last two years. It missed its racing debut in 2010, won the 2011 North American TTXGP Championship and now the company is finally ready to unveil the late

In Oak Park

Green homes: the latest trend Trends come and go but the trend of going green in every manner is the one to stay for a long time and it should.…

10 Must have fashion accessories for your minimalist wardrobe

Initially, you may think it is impossible to maintain minimalist wardrobe and follow the latest trend at the same time. But if you can discard some obsolete items from your…