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Electric Combat: Micro Bullet Proof Vehicle unveiled by Tata Motors

India has been reeling under scrutiny of their defense forces and the ammunition that is at their disposal for a week or two now. With the country’s media ripping into obsolete nature of its equipment and the sheer inability to procure new ones in time,

Green Wheels: Arcspeed Sports roadster

The green machine: Car companies are making great efforts to contribute to the clean and green world by coming up with all electric drives. Joining the list is Arcspeed Sports Roadster, which is Australia’s first high performance all electric sports ca

Zero Rally 2012: Emission free cars race on exclusive green corridor

Europe is taking in electric cars and building an infrastructure that supports them at a rate that is far greater than those on the other side of Atlantic. In a joint Nordic Venture, Norway and Sweden have built one of the first Green Highways of the worl

Invisible car advertises Mercedes F-Cell fuel cell technology

Those of us who have been following the progress of eco friendly cars know that given the right investment, resources and know-how, EVs could replace conventional cars in the future. The going will be long and arduous, of course, since there are hurdles t

Ingenious Chinese family calls revamped toilet their home

Zeng Lingjun is an immigrant worker in Shenyang, who came to the big city from a small village with plenty of dreams. While the hard-working cobbler settled down in the big city and found steady work, it was finding an affordable place to live in that tur

Wrap your gifts with eco friendly measures

Going green or eco friendly is seen everywhere. Starting from homes to traveling options, people now prefer to take use of eco friendly methods so that they can play their…

The Swiss plan a 62 mile electric highway for cargo transport

has high ambitions of ridding the country of fossil fuel by 2030. It wants
green highways to flourish its landscape with electric roads. Currently, the
Swiss claim that 80 percent of the carbon emissions are contributed by cargo transport. Therefor

HafenCity is home to Europe’s biggest hydrogen refueling station

Hydrogen is fast emerging as an alternative fuel source. Rising prices of fuel have led many to seek out renewable sources of energy to supplement the power requirements of the masses. This has in turn led to designers and researchers coming up with conce

Simple ways to reduce carbon emissions from transport

Carbon dioxide, a miscreant posing hazard to Earth’s ozone layer, is one of the major constituent gases of the “Green House Gasses”. Carbon dioxide is a gas that is emitted while burning fossil fuels or through cars and other modes of transportation or as

Hiriko: The fold up electric car for 2013

2013 is not too far, and there is a good chance that you will see the Hiriko electric car taking to the streets in large numbers. It is an advancement of the MIT CityCar project that was undertaken in collaboration with the Basque Center for Innovation, D

Go green with these 19 products made from recycled paper

The world is gradually entering into an era where use of recycled materials is increasingly gaining momentum. There are many reasons for the same including, environmental hazards caused by waste materials, rapidly declining resources and people’s quest to

Be Environmentally Friendly With These Green Energy Tips

Effective green energy tips With the advancement of technology, it has become important and essential to turn your home environment friendly. There are different ways and methods, which you can…

Japanese companies develop the world’s highest efficiency residential fuel cell

In the last few days, we have talked about autonomous hydrogen fuel cells powering underwater jellyfish robots and we have harped about advanced biofuel cells driving an army of insect cyborgs. However, this time, I daresay, we have something more practic

10 clean cities that are most ready for electric cars

The world has taken to the drive to be more eco-friendly and pollute less. A lot of cities have even initiated resolutions for becoming emission free to a certain extent in a given time frame. From eco-friendly gadgets to eco-friendly clothes – every

Eco Electric ATV’s E-FORCE cuts emissions and noise

Eco Factor: Zero-emission ATV powered by electricity.

Built in Ellicottville, NY, the E-Force is an all-electric zero-emission all terrain vehicle that is being claimed to be the first electric, adult-sized ATV with adult-sized power and torque…

CASE develops air purification system based on hydroponic plants

Keeping the air indoors clean can be a tough job unless you’ve installed air purifiers that can cost a small bundle. If you’re one of those who believes that growing plants indoors helps in keeping the air free of pollutants, you might want to rethink

World’s Most ‘Eco-friendly’ Cargo Ship To Use Its Own Hull To Sail

Norwegian speed-sailing entrepreneur Terje Lade plans to build a cargo container ship with a difference: the giant hull of his ‘Wind Ship’ (Vindskip in Norwegian) is designed to channel air…

Reasons to use eco friendly upholstery

It is always good to use eco friendly items for your house and one such innovation to your house is eco friendly upholstery for the same. Reasons to use eco…