EcoFriend – Promoting Eco Friendly Lifestyle to Save Enviornment

by sanket nagulpalli

What Next: Eco friendly products powered by microbial fuel cells

As we know it The need for more energy and scarcity of existing sources demand scientists act briskly for various alternative sources. Well, efforts to develop multiple methods of reliable and sustainable energy have been running wild for a while. The mi

Glide along any place with the ‘Board of Imagination’

Cruising through the neighborhood or down random alleys on a
skateboard will now become far more interesting than it was. All you have
to do is think, and you will find yourself sliding along without the need to
move. Cha

Eco Architecture: Train Car Home in Portland makes you sleep on rails

Eco Factor: 1949 sleeper car converted into luxurious home.

Have you ever wondered about what exactly happens to all those rail cars after they’re no longer in use? While most of them go for a complex recycling process, there are a few which…

Time for some Nature Loving Barbeque

Most of us love doing a barbeque on Sundays and calling friends over. Since this is most enjoying if someone has a fetish for making grilled sea food or steaming…

Make your office paperless with these tips

Take a look around your office and you will notice piles and piles of paper everywhere. Imagine the loss you will incur in case there is a fire or flood…

Best recycled glass countertops for eco friendly kitchens and more

Recycling is being embraced like never before in this modern era. The ever increasing waste piles are a threat to the environment and designers are coming up with smart ideas to give a new lease of life to thrown away materials. A lot of glass, in the f

Is there such thing as an eco-friendly cellphone?

Simply hanging on to your phone while it’s useful instead of upgrading at every opportunity is an eco-friendly move, though there are other things you can do to minimize a…

Eco Electric ATV’s E-FORCE cuts emissions and noise

Eco Factor: Zero-emission ATV powered by electricity.

Built in Ellicottville, NY, the E-Force is an all-electric zero-emission all terrain vehicle that is being claimed to be the first electric, adult-sized ATV with adult-sized power and torque…

Intel redefines 3D transistor technology with its ‘Ivy Bridge’ processor

Not sure how many of you have heard about Moore’s law, but, to put things simply; it states that the number of transistors on a silicon device has to double every two years. While, we all have practically seen the dimensions of devices diminishing, we h

Fossil fuel burning facts for the layman

When we are talking about fossil fuels, we mean petroleum, coal, and natural gas. These are the main source of energy and electricity. However, like many other resources, we derive…

Gold plated Tommasini with electric assist to be auctioned off

If you have deep pockets, then be prepared to dig a little deeper for this gold plated bicycle. Purchased by Otto Hauser 20 years ago, a cycling enthusiast, the bike is pegged to sell for 2,000 pounds at an auction. Hauser himself had splashed 1,800 pound

5 Green tips to build eco-friendly homes

Eco friendly homes are the new trend to show your environmental awareness. These houses not only look pretty but they also have some real life benefits. The green color has a soothing effect on eyes, so having a green house will definitely improve your me

California Polytechnic gets ready for marathon with super mileage Lamina

The 3,000-mpg supermileage car named Lamina, which was designed and developed by a team of students from California Polytechnic, has undergone its final testing and is ready to take part in this year’s Shell Eco Marathon. Final alterations have been mad

Guide to disinfect your house naturally

The dreaded coronavirus has brought into focus the importance of cleanliness and hygiene. There are many solutions which claim to rid the surfaces of your home but they are chock…

River Cleaning Trashbot That You Can Play With

Over the years, we have seen a wide variety of trash-collecting devices. Some were garbage-seeking waste bins, while some were drones designed to pick up trash. Ocean cleanup project came…

10 Concept Green Cars Designed to be Powered by Hybrid Engines

Across our planet every day, millions and millions of tons of harmful green house gases are emitted by cars. And, with the surge in temperatures and oil prices, organizations have decided to go the greener way. Hybrid cars have gained much importance nowa

10 Nations that are world’s leaders in organic farming

We live in world of rising food requirements with a booming population. However to increase the quantity there are too many instances of corrupt practices and adulterated food creeping into…

Did You Know About These Extreme Psychological Effects Of Climate Change On Mankind?

When we think about climate change, we concern ourselves with changing weather patterns, rising sea levels, and increasing global warming. We do know about its negative effects on our health.…