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Three noticeably excellent green cars this year

There are many advantages of using a green car. Global warming and eco pollution have become severe problems. The damage done for centuries cannot be undone easily, but we can…

CT&T debuts electric Multi Amphibious Vehicle

CT&T, a Korean car manufacturer, has launched its four-passenger Multi Amphibious Vehicle. The electric car is designed to tackle most conditions on land and water. With a top speed of 40 mph on the road and 10mph on water, the performance of this…

Future Perfect: Batteries powered by mud

What’s happening right now? Scientists are relentlessly searching for better alternatives to the regular battery. It is imperative the world begin using a cleaner, more sustainable energy solution for their vehicles and other equipment. Batteries power

Contribute to environment everyday with these 8 eco-friendly hobbies

Being eco-friendly is a way of life. You cannot say that you are living a green lifestyle if you are vegan but love to race in gas guzzling race cars!…

ICARO – An innovative and sustainable vehicle moving on to detect mines

Being the jury’s special mention at the Samsung Young Design Award 2008 and a finalist at the Rolex Young Laureates Programme, the designer Filippo Cuttica’s project ICARO has come out as a logical and calculative approach toward the extensive work of min

Mitsubishi to launch hybrid version of Outlander by 2013

The Mitsubishi motors is reported to be planning to launch the hybrid version of its Outlander SUV by April, 2013. Hybrids were amongst the most popular vehicles in the SUV segment in 2011 with over 11 models on the market. The Outlander has been an extr

Geothermal energy from volcanoes

The world is witnessing growing tensions regarding acute fuel scenarios. The fossil fuel cry is increasing by ever growing decibels and causing the humanity at present to sway under the immense pressure of the question – how to end this cry and which

Did You Know About These Extreme Psychological Effects Of Climate Change On Mankind?

When we think about climate change, we concern ourselves with changing weather patterns, rising sea levels, and increasing global warming. We do know about its negative effects on our health.…

Biochar disposes farm waste capturing carbon and fertilizing soil

Burning agricultural waste out in open is harmful for environment. It’s the most common method to get rid of agricultural waste but it can turn green if it is done under right conditions by turning the farm waste into biochar, a form of charcoal, which

Taurus – A scaled-up self-balancing Segway powered by clean energy

Eco Factor: Concept vehicle powered by electricity.

We’ve reported about some pretty weird vehicles in the past too, and here comes another one for you. This weird machine has been designed by Erik Lanuza, who thinks that the only way to get rid.

L.P.R.D Hot Wheels to race across any terrain

Fantabulous would be the word to describe the Forge which is definitely the combination of fantastic design and fabulous features. Termed as the Land Proa Race Design or the L.P.R.D for shot, this three wheeler is real hot wheels to race across any terrai

Innotruck: Electric vehicle offers a glimpse into green automobiles of tomorrow

It is quite fascinating how we can at times typecast things and believe that the form of a device or gadget has to be of certain design despite changing time and technology. That is the case with automobile industry as well with most of the modern vehicle

Jalaks: Creative car of new age technological development

Human beings have evolved themselves in a technologically advanced world with frequent necessary amendments in the basic working procedures. Auto mobile industry has augmented in the last century with enormous and appreciable pace and Jalaks is one creati

4- Most ethical smartphones and how you can go green with them

In the 21st century, we cannot separate from our cell phones, it is a ubiquitous accessory. But, most of the phones are not earth friendly. 4- Most ethical smartphones and…

Mini electronic bicycle concept for congested roads

Congestion on roads is commonplace these days. Bicycles not only serve as a means of small distance travel but also help increase the fitness quotient of the body with cycling being a good form of exercise. Electric and electronic bikes have now been intr

5 Eco-friendly home products made using recycled materials

The concept of ‘green’ is catching up like fire all around the globe. People are trying to identify green ways and incorporate them into each and every aspect of life. Using green products means that you are contributing in keeping the environment pollu

PEVo an efficient electric bike by Pulse Motors

Electric vehicles may not be hype around the world but according to Micah Toll,a mechanical engineering student at the University of Pittsburgh, electric vehicle are going to be popular as they are facing the same situation as the computers faced in 1970.

Priced at £29,000, Lotus announces 2015 launch date for city car

The EV and eco-friendly small city car section is abuzz with new launches and rumored production models and ugly concepts. However, the most promising prospect to have come out of this segment recently is the Aston Martin Cygnet which combines the classic