EcoFriend – Promoting Eco Friendly Lifestyle to Save Enviornment

by sanket nagulpalli

Eco-Friendly Efforts: A Major Communal Agenda

Companies anxious about detrimental impact of products are now coming up with “Green” array of product for customers. Vicky Kim, a mother of 18-month old and a working woman stopped…

Best Eco-Friendly Detergents For A Green Laundry

In the attempt to go eco-friendly, we adopt various products and services that will help save the environment in one way or the other. The Go-Green trend is at its…

Green Home Furnishings

Green Energy Furnishings for the Home from Ron’s Eco Friendly Products You tend to make decisions on a daily basis that affect the environment in some way. In today’s world,…

Designer creates mobile chicken coops using reclaimed wood

As we all know, chicken coops at times feature facilities like nest boxes, perches where the birds can sleep and rest. But, today we are here to throw more light on the coop created by designer John Wright, who claims that his version is more practical an

5 simple ways to make your geeky lifestyle eco-friendly

So you’ve been a geek for as long as you remember but you find that you tech-obsessed lifestyle is not really in sync with the global effort to save the…

Outdoor air pollution reduces average life by three years – Study

Ever noticed that you have a sudden headache, runny nose and coughing just after you have come back from somewhere. This is not the beginning of a flu, though it…

Did you know what these 8 recycling symbols mean?

It all started in 1970, where Gary Anderson, a college student designed a simple symbol for a contest on recycling symbols. He drew a simple triangle and made it a…

Effective green initiatives for college campuses (and colleges that implement them)

Humans have contributed to global warming which has led to catastrophic climate change in many parts of the world. People have to work for the benefit of the planet and…

Practical And Easy Earth Day Party Ideas 

Earth Day is celebrated all over the world on the 22nd of April with the intention of bringing about anawareness related to current world health conditions. Plastic pollution is an…

The good, the bad and the ugly about electric bikes

Few years ago, nobody would have thought of heading back to the bicycles but with the rate at which fossil fuels are depleting have left us with no other option. Bicycles are clean and green source of conveyance and their performance can be enhanced b

Products to avoid if you are eco friendly

There are various products that do not support the use of go green and eco friendly products. These are a menace to the ambiance around us as well.

New thermoelectric material could change the future of electric cars and solar power

Scientists from across the planet seem to have come together to unravel the mysteries behind the thermoelectric conundrum that they have been facing since long. Researchers from Chinese Academy of Science’s Shanghai Institute of Ceramics, Brookhaven Natio

Top 7 futuristic technologies that will help you save energy at home

Before we focus on national level environment conservation policies, it is time to start with our own homes. Although science has demonstrated ways of energy conservation using solar energy, geothermal energy, etc. their routine application is yet to be i

Eco friendly hotels in Europe

As the world around us becomes more eco-aware and makes great strides in eco-friendly living, it is only sensible that hotels take up the trend and start promoting eco-friendly lifestyles…

A50 Open Deck Catamaran: An exclusive concept to take you on a green voyage

If you like yachts that have good customization properties, here is an exclusive design that might appeal you. Created by the Finland-based designer Janne Leppänen, A50 Open Deck Catamaran is a concept yacht. With the use of same design drivers, Janne’s

GraphExeter to herald a new age of electronics

In an invention that could herald a new age of electronics, researchers at the University of Exeter have created a new graphene-based material called the GraphExeter, which they believe is the most flexible, transparent and lightweight material ever creat

Barn Doors: Add wood to it and make it look richer and eco friendly

Barn doors serve as the best rustic, industrial piece in most of eco-friendly homes. Moreover, they are adapted into various styles ranging from traditional to contemporary models. These barn materials were basically used in farm houses, where you would h

Eco Cars: All-electric Bowler Raptor is a green way to find new roads

Eco Factor: Zero-emission off-road car powered by electricity.

With their massive engines trying to eat up dirt, off-roaders are mainly associated with pollution and emissions. Car designer Ryan Skelley of Sunbeam Tiger fame has thrilled us again..