EcoFriend – Promoting Eco Friendly Lifestyle to Save Enviornment

by sanket nagulpalli

Tips to celebrate your Valentine’s Day sustainably

For lovers, Valentine’s Day is the day when they make each other feel special. Being there for them, flowers, chocolates and gifts and doing things together is the conventional way…

Eco-friendly innovations that can help deal with the global drinking water crisis

Drinking water crisis is a global disgrace. In the era of hi-tech innovations, it is just not acceptable that we cannot provide a very basic need for survival to the…

Your Love for Mother Nature Must Start From Home

Since green is the colour which is making rounds from last decade or so, it is the Mother Nature that is calling us. Saving Earth is now the most important…

5 Eco-friendly home products made using recycled materials

The concept of ‘green’ is catching up like fire all around the globe. People are trying to identify green ways and incorporate them into each and every aspect of life. Using green products means that you are contributing in keeping the environment pollu

Turbo charging photosynthesis with the ‘Artificial Leaf’

The use of photosynthesis in the production of biofuels is something we all have heard of, but how this process can be more potentially utilized, still remains under explored. The present indices about the low efficiency of photosynthesis show that with m

Moonbike 2.0 folds to upright position and laid back cruiser style

Bicycles offer us a healthy and clean means of transport for short distances. In view of increasing pollution and high fuel costs, more people are turning to bikes. The relatively low maintenance, easy handling and non polluting ways of the humble bike ar

Eco friendly floor tiles of marble manufactured from recycled materials

The Eco-friendly floor tiles are one of the best means to design and renovate your home. There are many Eco-friendly flooring materials like tiles, bamboo, re-claimed wood, stone, cork, recycled glass, recycled metal, sustainable wood, linoleum. You can h

Mercedes-Benz G-Class now available in its electric avatar, specially for Dutch Defense forces

Exhibiting the core essence of ‘boxy’ styling and body on frame construction, the Mercedes-Benz G-Class epitomizes robustness with its entire propensity. So, it really doesn’t come as a surprise that this boisterous vehicle is used in many parts of the wo

New thermoelectric material could change the future of electric cars and solar power

Scientists from across the planet seem to have come together to unravel the mysteries behind the thermoelectric conundrum that they have been facing since long. Researchers from Chinese Academy of Science’s Shanghai Institute of Ceramics, Brookhaven Natio

Green Living Room Couches

[box_dark]Transform Your Living Room the Eco Friendly Way: Invest in Green Couches[/box_dark] Eco friendly couches are all the rage at the moment. They not only help you change the entire…

Efficient future gadgets could be driven by piezoelectric graphene

Graphene seems to be the favorite subject of research off late and it is understandable why. Every modern gadget and cutting edge technology, that ranges from simple transistors to nanotechnology, use graphene at some level. But till very recently it was

Eco-friendly Smart Homes – Your Future Residence

A brilliant example of an object becoming an indispensable part of human life which didn’t even exist a few decades ago is the case of mobile phones and more specifically…

Eight best electric sportscars promising speed sans emissions

While most of us do believe that electric cars are slow off the blocks and lack range, auto manufacturers are on a mission to change our conception with eco friendly sportscars that offer thrill without emitting any toxic fumes. Here are ei

Going Green with eco friendly textile

As everybody knows, bio-diversity is usually a concept that is important for the environment and without having it; the environment would grow to be an unhealthy spot to live in.…

How to get LEED certification for commercial building?

Going green with an office is cool. However, you cannot get any benefits out of your go green unless you are able to show others that you are going green.…

Five most effective eco-friendly roof ideas

Have you ever considered turning your home into an eco-friendly one? While going green has become one of the most popular practices these days, you can also join this revolution…

Innovative proposals to clean the Great Pacific Garbage Patch

The Pacific Trash Vortex or better known as the Great Pacific Garbage Patch is the world’s largest marine landfill. Comprising of an expansive patch of the Pacific Ocean, constrained by long range ocean gyres, the polluted space is characterized by except

Misconceptions that shadow the use of cross laminated timber

Cross laminated timber was first used in Europe as an alternative to stone, masonry and concrete construction. It has proven to be an innovative building material that eases the process…