EcoFriend – Promoting Eco Friendly Lifestyle to Save Enviornment

by sanket nagulpalli

Sustainable airships promising a clean future of transportation and surveillance

As a part of the aviation industry’s desperate attempts to cut costs and reduce missions, there have been designers envisioning a clean future where transportation will rely heavily on alternative sources of fuel. When cost-efficient transport is the ne

Prejudice multi functional chair made from 100 percent recycled materials

What an apt name for a chair, ‘Prejudice’. Of course, just reading the name is not enough; therefore, here we are to tell you more about the prejudice the chair wishes to justify. Proposed by Sanserif Creatius, a Valencian designer, the chair is both

Eco friendly lawnmowers to cut clean through grass

Researchers estimate that a typical gas-powered lawnmower running for half an hour produces the same emissions as a car driving 200km. In addition to emissions, the noise produced by conventional lawnmowers has made eco-conscious manufacturers figure out

What’s next: Generating clean electricity from waste heat

As We Know ItElectricity is indisputably one of the most significant discoveries in history that played a major role in enhancing the comforts of human life. We usually use electricity in our every daily life without giving it much thought. Saving and con

Green Wheels: Zero Motorcycles 2012 Range electric motorcycles

The green machine The world has taken a whole new leap towards transforming things the green way. Be it carbon imprints, global warming measures, and more, there are a lot many things being worked upon to reduce the effect of pollution in the atmosphere.

Chilean Police nabs glacier thief with five tons of ice

The melting glaciers have stirred quite havoc all over the globe, and if reports from Chile about glacier theft are true, it shows how unconcerned we are about the environment. The police in Chile nabbed a truck carrying illegal ice amounting to $6168.24.

Europe to welcome the big V6 hybrid this new year

Come 2012, and Europe will witness a new hybrid car entering its markets. This time its Volvo V6 diesel plug-in hybrid that is all set to woo its target customers. However, it is not the individuals who will mainly buy this hybrid. In fact according to V

Technology Green Energy- Eco Friendly Printing

Green Approach To Enthrall Into The World Of Eco-Friendly Printing Current era is consecrated by green strategies that struggle to bring about eco-friendly products ranging from ethical clothing, recycled glass…

Products and concepts that harvest water from the air

Every life form present on this blue planet needs water for survival. That’s the reason we see environmentalists over the world encouraging individuals to save every drop, as those precious drops might be what someone is desperately in need for. Since m

Organic Farms over Factory Farms

Although you should refrain from consumption of animal products, but still if you cannot avoid it then make it a point that you always use poultry and meat products from…

Ultimate Urban: The future of public transport

Change is the only constant. As time passes by, one expects everything to change for the better. Technological advancements bring in concepts that seem surreal at the outset but very soon these become the reality of our lives. Public transportation has ta

NATS team designs futuristic eco friendly car prototype

It has almost become a tradition for the design students of the Nihon Automobile College to display their past years work at auto shows and other exhibits. And, this year too they are out with a prototype of their aluminum framed eco friendly future car.

2012, K1 Evelio ready to take over Tesla Roadster

The supremacy of Tesla Roadster is all set
to be challenged by its new rival, K1 Evelio, unveiled at the Goodwood Festival
of Speed. It is a perfect combination of looks and brains. The first look at
its pictures and you know why we say it is a visual del

What is cradle to cradle certification and why is it so important?

The cradle to cradle movement is one of the rare manifestation of ideas which were first described in a book. The authors of the book ‘Cradle to Cradle: Remaking the…

BMW finally unveils their expansive fleet plan for the 2012 London Olympics

The greatest event of this year is about to go ‘green’, with BMW grandiosely sustainable plans expected to come into fruition. The exalted German automaker has already unveiled the full line up of its more than 3000 strong fleet of low emission vehicles f

Researchers propose way to convert coffee processing waste into biofuel

Enjoy more cups of coffee now. It can back the worldwide efforts to reduce energy crisis somewhat. A team of researchers at the University of North Dakota is working on a technology to convert garbage from coffee processing plants into biofuel. Well, all

5 fuel efficient vehicles that made it into the record books

There are some fuel efficient vehicles that cater our everyday requirements quite efficaciously, and there are some which altogether transcend the realm of possibility. In the latter case, many of such conceptions are mostly prototypes. But they do point

Future Perfect: Air travel promises to be greener than ever before

The rate at which jet fuel resources have been reducing, it is not a distant task to convert the modern air travel facilities into eco-friendly facilities. The future air travel…