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by sanket nagulpalli

Vision of future: Innovative Automobile designs

The faces of automobiles has been changing right from its invention, decades ago. The changes are very specific and steady. If you compare the vehicles that belong to the subsequent decades, you might find a few differences. But, if those vehicles are com

ECOmove QBEAK EV wins accolades even before it hits the road

Frost & Sullivan’s annual Best Practice Award has bestowed the best EV early-stage investment opportunity on the ECOmove QBEAK EV even before it has been launched into the market. This is a huge asset not just for ECOmove, but also for electric vehicles i

Prejudice multi functional chair made from 100 percent recycled materials

What an apt name for a chair, ‘Prejudice’. Of course, just reading the name is not enough; therefore, here we are to tell you more about the prejudice the chair wishes to justify. Proposed by Sanserif Creatius, a Valencian designer, the chair is both

Green Wheels: Electric TEEWAVE AR.1

Teewave AR1 a two-seater sports car is designed by Gordon Murray, the famed designer associated with names like Mercedes-Benz SLR and McLaren F1. It has a unique design with excellent handling and ride. Teewave is a beautiful car that will synchronize wel

Shipping industry to reduce carbon emissions drastically by 2050

Of all the worries the world has had, climate change has been the most serious in the last decade. With new reports of an impending doom and new signs showing…

Best eco friendly kitchen cabinets

We see more and more people around us, who are switching to eco friendly materials for renovating their homes including, their kitchens. If you’re renovating your kitchen in an eco friendly manner, it is important that you take into consideration a few

Eco friendly options of tiles underlayment

Environmentalists advocating sustainable development feel that with green flooring the floor underlayment should also be green. An underlayment is a material that is placed between the subfloor and the floor. It acts as a sound and moisture barrier. Some

Why own a hybrid car

What is it? Hybrid car is a kind of vehicle which uses more than one energy source in order to run the engine. The most commonly used energy sources in hybrid cars are an internal combustion engine coupled with a bank of batteries. The alternative fuels

Go Green by Packing Waste Free Lunch for Your Kids

Lunch hours are the most fun and the most enjoyed of all times. There need to be certain measures undertaken that will cause you to go green with your lunches…

Honda’s fuel cell car can supply household electricity for up to six days

The fascinating scope of electric cars supplying power to our household demands may seem ludicrous to some. But, the truth remains that some companies have actually taken this novel path and successfully manufactured components that help in supplying elec

Researchers propose cheap battery cathode made from wood

Grzegorz Milczarek and Olle Inganas have come up with an ingenious new idea that could make batteries a lot cheaper and also ecologically safe when compared to the current models. These two researchers are proposing the use of Lignin based material as a c

Tips to follow for having an eco-friendly garden

Everybody is planning for constructing a good garden either in the front or backyard of their home. In general a garden provides you a great soothing during summer season, and…

Avenir: DTU Students design their own solar car

A lot of people still exist who will
dismiss the damage that we are causing on a daily basis as nothing to really
worry about and brand those who tell you about the grave consequences of
current rate of polluting the planet as ‘alarmists’. Some even s

Hiriko: The fold up electric car for 2013

2013 is not too far, and there is a good chance that you will see the Hiriko electric car taking to the streets in large numbers. It is an advancement of the MIT CityCar project that was undertaken in collaboration with the Basque Center for Innovation, D

Best eco tourism destinations around the world

Does your idea of a perfect trip mean getting close to nature that comprises of jungles and coral reefs? If yes, then you surely are an eco adventurer who would embrace the idea of eco tourism like no one else. It is a fast catching trend and there are

Eco savvy aeroponic farm in New Orleans

Most urban cities are facing a space crunch and the farm produce consumed here is usually sourced from outside. A lot of energy is expended to transport food produce to the cities. Moreover, city dwellers hardly ever get to sample fresh produce. But, the

Spiderman silk is stronger than steel, could replace plastics

The comic book hero Spiderman spins webs that enable him to swing from tall buildings and entrap bad guys. This idea is not entirely science fiction as scientists have known that weight-for-weight, spider silk is stronger than steel. This strength and tou

Best of 2011: Concept electric bicycles

The bicycle is fast coming back into vogue, particularly the electric bicycles, that would be the best way to travel across cities. Urban traveling by cars has become a very time-consuming affair due to the ever-increasing number of vehicles on the roads