EcoFriend – Promoting Eco Friendly Lifestyle to Save Enviornment

by sanket nagulpalli

Green Wheels: Peugeot Velv

The French government has always been enthusiastic about promoting a green living. It has made ardent efforts in the past including the enactment of a tax system based on ‘bonus-malus’ to reward citizens who purchase and maintain their vehicles and he

An eco friendly choice for flooring: Polish concrete floors

Concrete polishing is one of the best Eco-friendly options to protect and care old concrete floors. Moreover, this serves as a superior sustainable design flooring choice, which the users/owners can make use of the flooring materials already present.Let u

8 – Ways farmers can adapt to climate change

Farmers have always had to deal with the vagaries of climatic conditions. By observing the weather, farmers in different regions of the world plant different crops, according to rain, wind,…

What to look for in a social media service provider?

If you are looking for a social media service provider, you landed in the right place to start. A good social media service provider offers one of the easiest ways…

Five eco friendly vehicles launched at Detroit

Rising environmental issues have attracted immediate attention, and people are becoming aware of the critical situation because of media and advancements in technologies. Automobile industries are taking responsibilities to reduce carbon emissions from ca

Destination Belize – The chosen Eco-friendly Hot Spot for Norwegian Cruise Line!

Belize, one of the most beautiful countries in the world, situated in Central America, is all set to get a brand new makeover in becoming a one-of its kind eco…

Going Green with Eco-Friendly Toilets

The revolution of going green has been applied everywhere and is attracting more and more people around the world to join in the move. It is best that we take…

Eco-friendly insulation to be used in CP rail building

Saving the environment from demons such as global warming and pollution is one of the top priorities now-a-days and people have adopted many environment friendly methods to accomplish this important…

Eco friendly floor and tile adhesives available

In recent years, the adhesive manufacturing concerns have made it a point to follow Eco- friendly strategies in production and application. Moreover, to meet the highest standard of environment safety and health, they use advanced ingredients in manufactu

Eco Homes in South Korea- Making lives easy

Environment friendly homes are getting popular with time. Known as Eco homes or green homes, they are best suited for protecting the environment in the best possible manner. Solar energy…

Eco friendly Volvo XC60 Plug-in Hybrid Concept Car announced

Whilst automobile industry manufacturers have been hammering away at devising models that showcase advanced features and style, Volvo Car Corporation has adopted the green approach. Keeping the environmental concerns into mind, the company recently unveil

Velec P1: Electric bicycle offers multitude of green riches to urban commuters

It is an absolute wonder that more people across the globe living in major cities and working through the maze of gridlocks twice everyday have not already converted to electric assisted bicycles. Maybe people are still not willing to leave the comfort of

Contemporary furniture with an environmental edge in design

Eco-Furniture is must for your eco-home. Here are some of the furniture designs of companies that know the importance of creating sustainable creations.

Rimac officially opens reservations for its new electric supercar

Rimac Concept One was being talked about for quite some time now and was finally put on display at the 2012 Top Marques Monaco, which is one of the best opportunities for any car company to unveil its new and innovative technologies. The Rimac, a complete

The big question: Will solar powered cars drive us into the future?

Use of renewable energy in transportation is a pretty old idea. Scientists are working on it worldwide. Bio-diesel and ethanol fuel have already been used successfully. These biofuels have saved 68 billion liters of petroleum in 2009. However, it is

Eco Rides: Mk1 Kick Scooter is a skateboard for a busy urban setting

Eco Factor: Zero-emission kick scooter designed as a daily commuter.

Skateboards are undoubtedly a green way for a thrilling experience, but the lack of brakes makes them impractical in a busy urban setting, and the tiny wheels are terrible on…

Bizzarrini Veleno biohydrogen powered supercar for the year 2030

The first look at Bizzarrini and it looks like a car that has just landed from space and possibility is, if you open its doors, aliens will walk out of it. But, the fact is that this car is simply a futuristic concept car, aimed for the year 2030. Desigen

The good, the bad and the ugly: Wireless electric vehicle charging

Since electric cars are fueled by electricity, they need to get regular charging to be used. Now more development has been done in this field and electric cars can be charged via wireless charging method. The technique of wireless charging seems easy a