Geothermal Energy

How to install solar electric panels on the roof of your house

In today’s era, it is very significant to find out an alternative for the non-renewable energy sources. Solar energy is one of the renewable energy, which seems to be a never-ending source. The sun can provide us with energy, which would be sufficient to

East Africa looks towards geothermal energy

Rising population numbers, finite resources and increasing demand for energy has led many countries to seek out alternative fuel sources. The search hasn’t been easy as almost every path is pegged with one problem or the other. Areas that rely on hydroele

Google and DOE finance a huge volcano power project in Oregon

Google and the Department of Energy (DOE) have funded a massive project to generate geothermal power from a dormant volcano in Central Oregon. AltaRock Energy of Seattle and Davenport Newberry Holding of Stamford Connecticut are overseeing the geothermal

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