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6 Home appliances made using recycled materials

The Green is the latest trend in every field these days and there is no stopping to this green change. The ‘green’ word has completely changed the world as it was earlier. The green technology these days is incorporated on a high scale in home appliances.

Ultrasilencer Green

Five DIY boats made from recycled materials

The pacific ocean has a new island that is growing in size with every passing day. Located in the North Pacific Gyre, it has been named as the Pacific Vortex or the Great Garbage Patch and is constituted entirely of plastic and garbage that have been disc

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Eco-friendly materials for sustainable buildings

The use of standard and age old traditional building materials like sheet rock and lumber have become outdated and undesirable due to the harm they imposes on nature. Their use has been taken over by more sustainable and recyclable materials., which suppo


11 – Trendy eco-friendly bags made from recycled materials

Designers around the world are promoting eco fashion in every way possible. Anything is being recycled and turned into a piece of art. In the past we have seen eco friendly clothes, jewelry and other accessories, but this time we have come up with a colle

eco-friendly bags

5 Eco-friendly home products made using recycled materials

The concept of ‘green’ is catching up like fire all around the globe. People are trying to identify green ways and incorporate them into each and every aspect of life. Using green products means that you are contributing in keeping the environment pollu

Honeycomb-inspired lamp

Eco friendly lamps made from recycled materials

It has become the duty of every citizen to do all he can to live up to the three R’s: reduce, reuse and recycle. If we don’t, we’ll soon see ourselves struggling to survive in an over polluted world. Some noble souls are already involved in creating

Eco friendly lamps made from recycled materials
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