11 – Trendy eco-friendly bags made from recycled materials

eco-friendly bags

Thinking about buying a new bag, but afraid that might be harming the environment? Well, don’t worry. By opting for eco-friendly bags, you can make a difference. You won’t just be buying a new bag, you would also make sure that it doesn’t harm the environment. Furthermore, if you are really creative enough, you might take it even further. You can make your own sustainable bag at home. Think that you don’t have the materials for it? Well, think again. Take a look at all the creative bags made out of recycled materials. We are sure you would find something that inspires you.

Designers around the world are promoting eco fashion in every way possible. Anything is being recycled and turned into a piece of art. In the past, we have seen eco-friendly clothes, jewelry, and other accessories, but this time we have come up with a collection of bags, which are eco-friendly as well as a fashionable and trendy accessory. These bags are made out of recycled materials such as computer parts, newspaper, soda pops, etc. and their astounding design makes them a treat for every eye.

11 – Trendy eco-friendly bags made from recycled materials

1. Recycled keyboard handbag

Computer parts and accessories come with a limited lifespan. Once they worn out, they become useless. Designer Joao Sabino, who is known to turn everyday item into a wearable masterpiece has this time used a keyboard to create a handbag. Though the idea is crazy, yet every geek would love to try this fashionable accessory. This geeky bag is totally made out of recycled keyboards and has keys all over it. The bag is a truly stunning piece of innovative art made out of recycled keyboard.

2. Recycled Hand Bags with a Class

If you are looking for class with eco factor, these handmade stylish bags made out of recycled vintage hardware can be an answer for that call. Priced highly the bags are available almost worldwide in countries such as Canada, Italy, Argentina, China and Macedonia. The bags are a real piece of astounding art and will add class to your fashion statement. Though price may seem to be expensive, but these bags are worth it.

3. 360° Tanker

Edzard Kramer and Matthias Hulsebus, designers of Klein & More, a German company has created this canvas bag out of ship sail. With 360° tanker second life is given to the worn out ship sails. Sail is the heart of a ship and is made out of material which is light, durable and capable of sustaining any kind of weather conditions like heat, rain etc. Apart from going green, utilization of such exquisite material also makes these bags strong, water resistant and perfect for rough use. Priced moderately, these bags are handmade and have an astounding design making them desirable.

4. Bag made from soda pop tabs

Soda Pop Tab messenger handbag is a marvel created by recycling useless soda tabs. The soda tabs are joined together using heavy duty gauge, making it extremely durable. A free floating cheetah patterned cloth has been used for lining making the bag spacious enough. To keep your content organized it has two big inbuilt pockets, a small pocket for cell phone and a zipped pocket for cash. A decent long strap is provided to carry or hang it.

5. Eco hip recycled newspaper bag

Newspaper is one of our daily needs, but it becomes useless at the end of the day. In Brazil, 32 women came with an idea to recycle newspapers and craft handbags out of them. These newspaper bags apart from recycled paper are also made out of jute, silk and organic cotton. The bags have five unique variants. Recycled newspaper is detailed with magnetic closure or zipper and is coated with a natural water resistance covering. The bag is surely trendy and will turn lots of heads over when you are walking in a mall or on a street.

6. Escama Studio recycled handbags

With these bags Escama, a San Francisco based studio, has created a sustainable design to create an alluring fashion accessory. Working directly with two Brazilian craft cooperatives, Cia do Lacre and As Panteras, Escama used conventional crochet techniques, recycling aluminum pull tabs to create these modern and sleek handbags. The bags are so astounding that every girl will want one in her closet.

7. Banner bags

These bags are handmade and made out of recycled advertisement banners. They have been designed by British designer Dame Westwood, earlier known as Vivienne Westwood. The bags have been designed for the Ethical Fashion Africa Project. Three such recycled chic bags have been created and are named ‘Orb’, ‘Gaia Heart’ and ‘Get a life’ respectively. All of them are made in Nairobi or Kenya. Except Gaia Heart, the others are made out of recycled banners. Gaia Heart is made out of old ripped safari tents.

8. SuperFlair bag

Littlearth Superflair bag makes a statement about your eco-consciousness. It’s an amazing handmade piece of art, which is made out of real recycled plates. Recycled rubber is used to make its handle, and its closure is made out of paving crystal bottle cap. Hundreds of Swarovski crystals are also brilliantly dressed on it. It is an alluring piece to own.

9. Uptown bag made of recycled truck inner tube

At first look this bag seems to be an expensive crocodile laden bag, but the fact is that it is made out of recycled truck inner tubes. The bag has a cool design and is as functional as other conventional bags. It is textured with faux lining and has a smooth zip closure.

10. Walmart shopping bag

This bag introduced by Walmart is 100 percent recyclable and is made from 85 percent recycled materials. It is capable of carrying a weight equal to 2 3 shipping bags and can replace 50 plastic shopping bags. Approximately 4 plastic soda bottles have been recycled to create this bag. This bag will make an exception among shopping bags, which end up at landfills after being used.

11. Recycled Designer leather bag


Looking for some beautiful designer leather bags! Recently, Ashley Watson has designed a few beautiful bags for Vancouver Canada! These bags are immensely soft. Moreover, they are eco-friendly bags, as they are made up of old leather jackets.

These amazingly beautiful bags are hand made and are available in varied bright colors. So, what are you waiting for? Get your designer handbag now!

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