Why You Should Spend More to Produce Top-Quality Products

Why You Should Spend More to Produce Top-Quality Products

Today’s consumers are used to products and services not being as high quality as they were even just a decade ago. Mediocre quality has become the new accepted standard, and true high quality is rare in the marketplace. That’s not good news overall, but you can take advantage of the situation by producing top-quality products and services that will impress your market.

Higher quality comes with a higher price tag, but here’s why it’s worth the additional investment.

Quality reduces the amount of junk sent to the landfills

There’s only one way to slow down the rate at which landfills pile up – we have to stop sending junk to the landfills. When people are able to buy high-quality goods that last for many years, it reduces the amount of garbage they throw away each year.

When you choose to be a company that prioritizes quality over fast sales, you’ll not only earn more customers in the long run, but your brand will have a better chance of becoming well-known for making a positive environmental impact. It doesn’t matter if you aren’t actively fighting for the cause. The fact that you’re not making disposable products will put you on the green list in people’s eyes.

One of the best examples is found in the white board market. Also known as dry erase boards, they are essential tools in business and education, but they don’t last long. The cheapest white boards start to ghost after just a few weeks of regular use, and it’s easier for people to throw them away and buy another cheap replacement.

Companies that invest in high-quality white boards don’t see the same issues. All the usual problems that dry erase boards present don’t occur when the board has been made to high standards. For example, coil-applied coatings are superior to other types, and boards that use this type of coating aren’t constantly being chucked into the trash.

Although it’s a viable option, only a small handful of people are going to make the effort to restore their damaged white boards. People today just don’t have time to devote to such a big undertaking, which is why creating quality products makes a big difference.

Many consumers say they prefer doing business with companies that either care about the environment or create sustainable products that last. If all you do is increase the quality of what you provide, you will make a lot of people happy.

Quality brings repeat business

Where sales are concerned, high-quality goods and services have immense power to generate repeat business. Once people know you’re selling something good, especially in a marketplace full of cheap trinkets, they’ll be more likely to buy from you again, either for themselves or others.

It’s easier to sell to existing customers than it is to continue generating one-off sales indefinitely. Your most profitable customer base will always be people you’ve already won over, whom you can market to through emails or social media to get them to buy from you again.

Quality gets word-of-mouth advertising

Word-of-mouth advertising is the most valuable form of marketing around. It works better in some industries compared to others. For instance, one study found that in the financial sector, only around 8% of referrals ended up being profitable. However, when it comes to games, food, entertainment, makeup, and clothing, it’s much easier to influence a sale.

If you look on YouTube for influencers in the beauty niche, you’ll find plenty. Some people will only buy makeup if they can see what it looks like and how other people feel about it first. These influencers have a massive impact on sales because they are seen as experts. Makeup is far less complex than financial investments, so it makes sense that word-of-mouth would have a bigger success rate with beauty products.

Either way, a company with customers who say positive things about its products or services will do better than companies that do not.

Satisfied customers are crucial to maintain your brand

Selling low-quality products is the fastest way to gather an angry crowd, even among first-time buyers. Maybe you never intended to sell high-quality products, and you’re only trying to be a decent option in the marketplace. Your customers will still feel disappointed, especially if your marketing messages make your product seem better than it is in reality.

It’s better to impress your customer base from the start. Give them a level of superior quality they probably aren’t expecting and you’ll create a base of loyal customers for life.

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