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Travelling has been one of the most essential parts of a human’s since forever and so have the means of transportation. Whether it is travelling across the town or within the towns, across the country or within the countries, one …

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Lawless Rocket hits the 200mph mark in less than seven seconds

More power and go faster, maybe that’s what Shawn Lawless and his crew members in his EV racing team always thrive for and try to achieve, no matter what it takes. In a recently held drag bike race in Virginia Motorsports Park, they achieved a new feat

Tuk Tuk Factory introduces e-tuk Vendo in European markets

Most westerners wouldn’t be blamed for not knowing what a ‘Tuk Tuk’ is. Those who have heard the term probably picture it to relate to an old, noisy and primitive vehicle that whizzes through the busy streets of exotic Asian countries. But a tuk tuk

Volta Volare developed hybrid aircraft to begin tested in spring

With the rise of the aviation industry, travel became a speedy affair. No longer did it take days to reach a destination. People rejoiced that the time had finally come in which transportation and travel systems could cover miles upon miles in just a matt

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