Human Generator – new e-bike trades the chain for an alternator

World’s First Chainless Bike Developed in Germany

Bicycles have been used as a mode of transportation from centuries but a new innovative technology developed by Germany based Mando Footloose has introduced a revolutionary bike replacing the age old chain mechanism with an alternative hybrid version. The German bicycle manufacturing company has introduced a newly developed bicycle model that has replaced the physical mechanism of riding a bike with manual and electric power.

New Hybrid Bike Vs Traditional Bikes: With technical advances in auto industry the newly developed Mando footloose e-bike has innovated beyond measure when compared to the traditional biking system used in the past. The newly developed e-bike has excluded the much dreaded chain mechanism and has replaced it with an electric alternator that coverts the human physical energy to electric energy that is used to power the motor driving the bicycle. You can check out these alternators. While the chain was a necessary element in biking considered to be an intrinsic part of driving the vehicle, the hassles with the chain mechanism including heavy maintenance and fear of unwanted greasing extending on to the clothes of the rider have been eliminated in this path breaking design module.

Chainless Hybrid Drive System: The Mando Footloose e-bike has been jointly developed by South Korean auto major Mando Corporation along with Meister Inc. jointly with a team of award winning designers. The unique selling proposition of this newly developed bike is its transformation from the age old chain mechanism with the introduction of chain less pedaling system that would convert human physical energy directly into electricity via an alternator connected to the crack on the bicycle. Not only is the design a path breaking model but the bike is also a very user friendly as well as environment friendly with human power generating energy to power the motor of the bike in a non conventional way.

Mando e-Bike Launch: The newly developed path breaking design of the e-bike was presented to the world recently at the Eurobike as well as ISPO bike shows earlier this year. The company hopes to launch the final product in the European markets as early as first quarter of next year.

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