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Go the Green Way

by Ecofriend1874

Travelling has been one of the most essential parts of a human’s since forever and so have the means of transportation. Whether it is travelling across the town or within the towns, across the country or within the countries, one will need a medium of transport for diversifying purposes. However, the effects of the same are somewhere being clearly shown by the nature and ignored by the humans as it has lately become a necessity of life. Consequently, some of the great minds have introduced modes of sustainable transport, keeping in view the present day scenario.

What is sustainable transport?

The tern sustainable or green transport have been have been derived from the sustainable development, that is, the means of transportation with serves the prime purpose along with considering the environment as well as the advance needs of the human. Thus, green vehicles have been developed in order to keep a check on the alarming ill effects of transportation.


Sustaining the environment

The vehicles running on the roads emit such huge amount of greenhouse toxic gasses like carbon dioxide that they become one of the major causes of polluting the earth. However, with the ever increasing greenhouse effects, many countries have lately realized the importance of keeping a check on the transportation and have thus introduced various methods of practicing sustainable transportation

Adopting the measures

One can get sustainable while using the transport through various methods. Petroleum and diesel amounts to the maximum production of gases and hence, there are some of the alternatives that can be used to ensure that the vehicles using petroleum are used to the minimum possible extent. Short distances can be covered by walking and for long distances, electronic vehicles should be preferred if feasible. Car sharing is also another really good solution. Instead of buying one car for each member of the house, it would be wiser to share one car and hence, reduce the traffic of vehicles on the road as much as possible.


The transports are seen more than even the individuals in the cities these days, which has been causing a lot of harm to the environment as well as human life. Thus, the steps should be necessarily taken in order to let the cities breathe in fresh air instead of inhaling the pollutants all the time. Sustainable transportation is one of the prime aspects towards the sustainable development of any area.

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