ZeecOO custom e-bike borrows styling cues from futuristic jet fighter

Electric vehicles are slowly penetrating their way into the commercial automobile market thanks to the numerous unique features offered. Aside from being eco-friendly, most electric vehicles nowadays are performance-based and help cut costs in the long run. One of the latest innovations is the ZeecOO custom e-bike, an electric motorbike with a top speed of 75mph and an overall range that varies between 55 to 85 miles. Introduced by Kota Nezu of Znug Design, the ZeecOO is definitely a looker with its sleek and alien-looking appearance. The motorbike was created along the lines of a futuristic jet fighter and made its debut at the 2012 Tokyo Motorcycle Show.

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The ZeecOO is an environment-friendly electric bike that packs in quite a punch considering it runs on an electric charge. All it requires is a charge of between 4-6 hours using a retractable power cord for an overall driving range of 55 to 85 miles. The bike is said to be silent and fast and offers a smooth ride even with its ultra-low rider styling. For the front suspension, the ZeecOO uses four futuristic-looking extruded gauges to compliment the carbon fiber body.

Kota Nezu of Znug Design has done an awesome job with the finishing and has designed it in such a way that the rider doesn’t really need to bend his back too much while riding. The bike has attracted a lot of attention from the Japanese press and is expected to receive a positive response from bike enthusiasts and experts alike.

The company will introduce a limited edition run of the ZeecOO before deciding on mass production. The custom e-bike will wear a price tag of $70,000. However, despite the high price tag, there’s a chance that the makers could drop the cost along with boosting its performance if it goes down well with bike enthusiasts.

Via: Gizmodo

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