Most innovative energy saving systems

Energy saving is the need of the hour for all. A little precaution and a few smart electrical gadgets can work wonders in helping you save energy. Innovative, automatic energy saving devices have proved their receptivity and ability of energy saving. Ther

Birmingham University installs solar powered parking meters

Students and faculty at the Birmingham University will no longer have to worry about carrying enough quarters to ensure that the parking meter lasts the three hour lecture. In fact, with the new solar powered parking meters that are installed, they simply

See ‘What are you giving up’ if you don’t quit smoking

Cigarettes are bad for health and who doesn’t know that? Aggressive
anti smoking campaigns have been organized the world over to dissuade smokers
and most ads we see, come straight forward with gruesome pictures of rotten
lungs and blazing cigarettes, s

Genetically engineered life forms promising a better tomorrow

Several biologists and researchers have found that many enzymes which change the structure of DNA in living organisms can be manipulated to tweak the overall characteristics of the organism. Initially this might sound a little rude, but these researchers

Global warming could end the tradition of ice hockey in Canada

Time and again, we have harped about the prime importance of a low carbon, sustainable future essential for the very survival of the generations coming after us. And now, in allusion to the ominous foretelling, the instigation of global warming is alre

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