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Most innovative energy saving systems

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Energy saving is the need of the hour for all. A little precaution and a few smart electrical gadgets can work wonders in helping you save energy. Innovative, automatic energy saving devices have proved their receptivity and ability of energy saving. There are devices that do not only check the energy consumed, but also take necessary energy saving action when required. These energy saving devices should be used more often and should be replaced by all such machines that do not rank high on energy efficiency quotient. Here we have listed some of the devices that could save energy for future use:

Intelligent monitoring and action taking power saving devices

Designed by a Portugal based designer Pedro Rodrigues, the energy saving device (pictured above) keeps a check on the standby mode of the electrical gadgets and disconnect the power automatically when the appliance is not in use. This design won him the Premier Farnells Global Live EDGE competition.

Elegant and efficient energy saving device

Consumption Feedback Switch is a smart appliance that shows how much power has been used and how efficiently. Also, it lets one know how much power has been wasted. Surely once you know the amount of power wastage daily, you might end up using your devices more efficiently.

Discover power saving with Energenie

Energenie can help you in saving power in your daily lives. There are appliances in the market that not only promise you energy efficiency, but also save it for you. The appliance checks the standby mode of the appliance and automatically disconnects the power to that appliance. It does save a lot of power for you as soon as the appliance goes on a standby mode.

Power cord reveals power consumption

Anton Gustafsson and Magnus Gyllensward have together invented a power saving device. This power cord lights up when the electrical appliance is in use. The more is the power consumed, the brighter is the light of the cord. This device can be very helpful in keeping a check on the power consumption of your appliances.

Glowing Socket keeps tab on power consumption

Shane Ellis and Terry Brown have invented a very useful device called the Glowing Socket. This device has a hidden LED that glows when the power is switched off. It can be of great help and a reminder for you to plug your device. All of us know that just switching off the device is not enough to save energy.

AlertMes smart plug

You can attach this smart plug to a particular outlet in your home. It gives you the detailed data of the energy that has been consumed by the devices. All you need to do is plug this device to one of the outlets to help you to monitor the devices and the energy consumed by them. This is a handy system that can be accessed by you, on the internet, on a system and even from your cell phones. This device helps you switch on and off your devices with a remote control even when you are not around those appliances.

Proxim self powered energy saver

Designer Paul Scarfe has designed an appliance called Proxim that has a micro generator in the form of an oscillating weight that converts the energy of motion into electricity for your appliances. The device generates energy and does not depend on battery or other sources of energy.

Trickle Star’s energy saver

Trickle Stars has come up with a new energy saving device that connects to the computer via a USB port and enables one to save 12 percent of energy. This device keeps a tab on the total power consumed by the system in real time. This device cuts the power supply to the appliance once the system is put on the standby mode.

Sticord user-friendly plug concept

Designed by Dongyeon Kim, the concept plug allows user to save energy in an efficient way. This plug lits with a yellow light when the plug is connected to a device that does not need electricity. The plug indicates a blue light when it is connected to a device that is in use.

Device that can automatically cut off power when you are away: E-pick

The E-pick device (pictured above) has sensors attached to it that sense the movement in the room and switch on and off lights accordingly. Besides low-tech devices that disconnect the power of the appliances when you are not at home, these E-pick sensor devices can be more effective in saving energy for you. This device can switch off the lights and appliances automatically in a vacant room.

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