Sarah Outen gears up for her record-breaking solo row across the Pacific

Human powered journeys are the most thrilling adventure voyages that anyone of us can attempt. They give us a chance to get in touch with ourselves, the nature and the ecology; allowing us to explore the limits of our own reaches. 26 year old British adventurer Sarah Outen left home in April, 2011 and has already covered 17,000km, traveling across Europe, China, Central Asia, Russia and Japan, riding by a kayak, a bicycle and the Gulliver; a 21 feet rowing boat. Her biggest challenge; that of rowing across the Pacific still awaits her; she will cover thousands of miles of ocean for seven long months just with the Gulliver.

UK woman prepares for record-breaking Pacific row

Sarah already holds a Guinness World Record accredited to her 2009 solo journey across the Indian Ocean, but her journey of traveling 8,334km across the Pacific is the most daunting challenge. If the weather permits, 20th April will be the day she will depart for Vancouver.

All through the seven months of her stay in the ocean, she will eat frozen and dried food, drink desalinated water and sleep in a tiny cabin. A solar powered GPS system will provide her directions and a built in iPod will entertain her throughout her journey. She will keep us updated about the journey by posting pictures, videos and stories through her blog.

Her voyage will begin from Choshi, a Pacific port 130 km east of Tokyo. The port reminds us of the devastating tsunami that had wrecked all life one year back, but Sarah’s determination makes us forget about it. We hope that the ocean will befriend her and take her safely through to Vancouver.

Via: Reuters

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