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Everything we need to know about kinetic energy recovery system

What is it?
Kinetic Energy Recovery Systems (KERS) are definitive automotive system which propagates the recovery of the kinetic energy of a moving vehicle under braking, and this recovered energy is then stored in a reservoir (either a flywheel or..

know about kinetic energy recovery system

16 – Most striking human-powered vehicles

When asked to think of a human powered vehicle the first image that pops into the mind must be the bicycle. The bicycle is a machine that uses and enhances human muscle power to achieve speeds one normally wouldn’t by walking or running while exerting the

human-powered vehicles

8 – Most eco-friendly electric SUVs

The growing concern to save the environment has prompted many of us to adopt greener source of energy in our daily life. This Go Green approach has touched the auto industry as well with many auto makers now manufacturing eco friendly SUVs, which are po


Elipsa electric utility vehicle concept features unique design

It seems that we will get rid of smoke belching vehicles in the future as many companies are developing electric vehicles, which are eco friendly and run on renewable source of energy. The latest to join (in near future) the go-green bandwagon is Elip

Elipsa electric utility vehicle

Icona launches E3WM personal mobility vehicle

In response to the increasing demand from the Chinese automotive sector, ICONA Shanghai offers engineering support as well as provides design models to complex prototypes that best suits the needs and benefits the customers of China and Asia. In the.

Icona launches E3WM personal mobility vehicle

10 most amazing human powered cars

The image of bicycle instantly comes to our mind when we talk of a human powered vehicle. The power generated by the movement of human muscles moves the bicycle. The invention of bicycle has prompted many to think of ways to make maximum use of the human

Palos Verdes demonstrates technical excellence with electric car

Given the right training and supportive atmosphere to freely experiment with one’s thought, even the most unexpected candidate can draw wonders. This is not a blank statement and has been proven to be absolutely true by students of Palos Verdes. They ha

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