Best recycled products made from discarded skateboards

Old and unused materials usually end up in the town’s dump, once they’ve outlived their usefulness. This is the case with all consumer products. The problem lies in the fact that such discarding of materials adds significantly to landfills, posing haz

Creative artwork made using recycled metal

Junk, whether metal or non-metal, has now become an integral part of our life. Metal junk is more dangerous because it contains harmful toxic agents, which pollute the landfills where they are dumped. The best way to reduce the danger caused by the metal

Artist innovates with recycled Newspaper yarn

Today’s newspaper is tomorrow’s trash for most, but for Italian ecologist, artist and sculptor Ivano Vitali it is the same newsprint that acts as raw material for his trendy, recycled and visually stunning products made completely from newspaper yarns

Predator joins hands for greener Earth

In 1987, an alien spacecraft entered into the Earth’s atmosphere ejecting a pod of horror into the deep jungles of Central America. An elite team of military force on a rescue operation gets the hint of its monstrous act when they find remains of sever

An Aviary hotel for nature enthusiasts

A paradise for birds and bird-lovers alike, the birding hotel by Morris Architects turned out to be the runner-up for the 2009, Radical Innovation Competition which sought creative ideas for hotels. This prototype will definitely not end up in the list of

10 stunning pieces of art created from disposable paper cups

The first thing that will hit your eco-consciousness in the recent times is the overfilled landfills. Moreover, polluting the natural environment also brings with it several health hazards too, making the air around you inappropriate for breathing. Thus,

Five creative pieces of art that harness renewable energy

Artists and researchers all over the world are constantly working to create such masterpieces that can promise a greener future and also inspire others to adapt an eco friendly lifestyle. To compliment the people who are working for this great cause, here

10 Coolest green DIY projects you can make for less than $500

Everybody thinks of keeping their home and its surrounding clean. Here are the best 10 coolest green DIY projects for all the DIY enthusiasts who are really much keen to improve their home and surrounding. There is not much shortage of projects as more an

Five innovative motorcycles that are made using recycled objects

When it comes to the fashion statement, there is nothing better than the bikes or you can call it motorcycles. The ultra-stylish and cool looking bikes ultimately add to the beauty of the person who makes it. The number of components used in the manufac

Top seven artistic reuses of waste material

Nowadays people do not consider waste materials as waste. But there are some people who throw waster materials in the trash bin or leave it in a dark corner of your store room to rot. And also there are some people who do not think the same way and they u

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