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Predator joins hands for greener Earth

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In 1987, an alien spacecraft entered into the Earth’s atmosphere ejecting a pod of horror into the deep jungles of Central America. An elite team of military force on a rescue operation gets the hint of its monstrous act when they find remains of several skinned bodies. The unknown creature observes all their movements using the thermal imaging technique. With sophisticated alien weaponry, the human weapons find no match and its camouflaging ability defies a face-to-face battle. With horrific deaths all around, every prey was built for the creature to kill. The bloody ordeal ends with Major Dutch finally crushing it to death. Heard of this familiar plot, well, 1987 was the year when the movie ‘Predator’ was released. The scary appearance of the creature gave immense fear to the audience around the world. Now, get set to roll the fear again because he is back.

Life-Sized Steampunk Predator

You heard it right, though not in subsequent movies where he chops off alien heads or preys on humans. This time he is around to save our planet. This advanced form of extraterrestrial life is now being made using the recycled metal, auto parts and useless machine parts. With 8’2″, this art work is a wonderful culmination of metallic innovation and creativity yet depicting all forms of fear. The predator has taken up some of our useless metal scraps to amaze us with good fear. Recycling being one of the best solutions to prevent environmental pollution, this predator stands tall taking the pride of being designed by those metals. Brilliance and accuracy is imprinted all over the sculpture with great detailing.

Admirable yet fearsome, this metal-piece makes us think that we are going haphazard with our own creations and the day is not far when they become the real predator of mother earth.

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