Top seven artistic reuses of waste material

Nowadays people do not consider waste materials as waste. But there are some people who throw waster materials in the trash bin or leave it in a dark corner of your store room to rot. And also there are some people who do not think the same way and they use the waste material to design and create items with high artistic value. Many innovative designers have come up with products which are created using waste materials and these products are available in market.

Here is a list of top seven artistic reuses of waste material.

1. Shiny landscape from 65,000 discarded CDs

Shiny landscape

French artist Elise Morin and his friend architect Clémence Eliard deserve credit for designing and creating a wonderful shiny landscape using 65,000 waste CDs. This masterful piece of art is on display at the Halle d’Aubervilliers of Centquatre in Paris. Morin and Eliard have sewed together the 65,000 discarded CDs to constitute large waves of disks. The 65,000 discarded CDs occupy a total area 500 square meters. In future, the disks will be recycled into polycarbonate. By using the waste CDs to come up with a beautiful installation, Morin and Eliard have shown that waste material can be used smartly to create something attractive.

2. Inspiring sculptures from tires

Inspiring sculptures

Korean sculptors used Yong Ho Ji has used waste tires to come up with several inspiring sculptures. Yong’s sculptors have three-dimensional structure representing mutated figures. Yong has used heavy duty tires in his beautifully designed sculptors which allow you to see the complete anatomy of the animals in a good manner. When looking at one of the sculptors from a distance it appears like a horse and when the same sculptor is looked from a closer distance it appears like a chicken’s tail standing on the legs of a cow. Yong has used the tires of motorcycle, bicycle and tractor in his sculptors.

3. Mecier’s portraits of celebrities from junk

Mecier's Portraits of Celebrities

The idea of creating portraits of celebrities from junk is the brainchild of artist Jason Mecier. Mercier has used several waste materials including beans, noodles, pencils and yarn to come up with his masterpieces. Mecier has made some portraits using lipstick, eyeliner and other beauty products. Mecier is designing these unique artistic items for over a decade now. He has made portraits of several celebrities including US President Barack Obama, Olsen twins, Andy Warhol, Chris Rock, Ru Paul, etc.

4. House from millions of beer bottles

House beer bottles

What do we do with our empty beer bottles? Throw it in the garbage bin considering it as a useless waste material but Argentina-based artist Tito Ingenieri thinks otherwise. Tito has used the empty beer bottles to build a house. He spent 19 years to build the house using six million beer bottles. Tito used the bottles donated by neighbors and collected from streets. The beer bottle house is a classic example of putting the waste materials to some use.

5. Carpet from cigarette butts

Carpet cigarette butts

Have you ever thought of creating something from cigarette butts? Sounds strange but yes it is true you can actually create beautiful attractive and useful products using cigarette butts. Jesus Bubu Negron has used the cigarette butts to design a carpet. He has used millions of cigarette to create this beautiful carpet. The carper created by this Puerto Rican artist looks similar to a woven carpet. The carpet was first displayed in 2007 at Souq Al-Arsa, Heritage Area. Negron’s deserve credit for creating a beautiful item using something which is a completely waste material.

6. Detailed sculptures from recycled paper

Detailed sculptures

Chilean artist Don Lucho has designed and created detailed sculptures using only recycled paper. The 3D works are created using cardboard. The scenes are created using the cardboard to show average human being’s life. Lucho unveiled his beautiful piece of art at the streets of Chilean capital Santiago. Lucho has used the recycled paper brilliantly to illustrate fallen aircrafts, interiors of the house, etc. Lucho has taken care of the details perfectly. Lucho’s creation is definitely an attractive piece of art and it shows that waste materials can be used artistically to create something beautiful and unique.

7. Perkins’ portraits from junk

UK-based artist, Jane Perkins, uses junk to design and create portraits of the celebrities. Perkins has created portraits of several well-known celebrities including Barack Obama, Michelle Obama, Nelson Mandela, Queen Elizabeth and others using waste toys, buttons, plastic forks, etc. Perkins said that he got the inspiration to create portraits from junk from Ecuadorian hairstylists, who use broken jewelry to make various beautiful designs.

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