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Five creative pieces of art that harness renewable energy

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Artists and researchers all over the world are constantly working to create such masterpieces that can promise a greener future and also inspire others to adapt an eco friendly lifestyle. To compliment the people who are working for this great cause, here are some of the most creative pieces of art that have the capability to harness clean, renewable energy:

1. Solar-powered Night Garden enchants one and all

Night Garden Art

This is a splendid creation which is carved by two wonderful designers Gaston Zahr & Merav Eitan in the “Light in Jerusalem” festival which was held in Israel. The whole setup is splendid with bright amazing lights, soft music and fragrant aroma. The illuminating objects are flowers of different shapes and sizes which close and open with the music, creating an amazing view for the visitors. The best part about this design is that all of this works on solar power. The solar panels used in the setup provide 730 W of clean energy which in turn lightens up LEDs of different powers. This beautiful outdoor design powered with solar energy exemplifies how with further development this clean energy can become a prominent power source in the future.

2. Solar powered Art Rainbow adds color to your alfresco jamboree

Solar powered Art Rainbow

This is a solar powered art rainbow dome which not only gives you shade from the sun but also utilize sun’s heat energy to power the whole structure with beautiful lights. The dome is designed with a vast array of colors and it is built with enough space to hold small parties and get-togethers. It is practically a molecular like structure and the transparent colored sheets are made of composite material. The top is embedded with flexible solar panels that are responsible for converting the heat energy into power. This is more like a rainbow shelter which can be made with a wide choice of colors.

3. SonUmbra interactive solar-powered tree provides sound and light after dark

SonUmbra solar-powered tree

Unveiled at the London Design show, SonUmbra is an exceptionally beautiful tree like structure that is made with woven fabric that emits light and makes it look like an illuminating web of branches. The mechanism of this structure works with the help of a PV-equipped canopy that converts the solar energy into electrical power during the day and stores it in onboard batteries that in-turn lights up this beautiful tree in the night. But that’s not it, when a visitor circles around it or even when a person’s presence is felt by it, the tree greets the visitor with a show of lights and soothing music.

4. Solar Powered Glass Art Installation Lights Up Library

Solar Powered Glass Art.

The solar powered glass art installation is an art of glass architecture combined with solar power. Created by a skilled artist named Lynn Goodpasture, this art is installed in the Perl Avenue branch library in Saint Jose, California. The glass art defines the evolution of language and the design is illuminated by a single LED light embedded within. The idea behind such an art form is that generating green power can be very beneficial for the future. The same technology can be adapted to lighten up galleries and parks around the country powered by clean and green renewable energy. This setup encourages the use of photovoltaic cells to be used in various light sources.

5. Power Flower art sculpture makes electricity to illuminate itself after dark

Power Flower art sculpture

This is a setup that is trying to change an age old perception that harnessing wind and solar energy is a difficult job and a less practical solution for the growing energy needs. Green energy should be preferred even if we have to develop a better technology to utilize the renewable sources of energy. The Power Flower is a beautiful art sculpture that has small solar cells on the leaves and a small wind turbine on the petals and the energy generated by them is stored into a battery. The same power is used to illuminate these beautiful flowers in the dark.

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