Wind Power Guide

Wind and solar power will light up Chennai streets

Chennai Corporation in pursuit to use sources of alternative energy to light up the streets of city, especially roads along the coasts, has taken an initiative to install 15 meter towers with four solar panels below and micro wind turbines above to comple

Viking Wind Farm in Scotland to generate 370MW of clean power

When it comes to tapping into alternate sources of energy, solar power has taken a giant leap forward, leaving behind the other forms of renewable energy in the last two decades. While the reasons for this are well known by now, as we move closer to the p

Human memory based solution to enhance power from wind turbines

Consistent performance of wind turbine is always necessary for better power generation. A wind turbine has to face both mild breezes and gale-force gusts under various weather conditions. This inconsistency often results in less power production. A team o

Africa’s largest wind farm to come up in North Kenya

An arid area in north Kenya is soon going to feature Africa’s largest wind farm. The project is to be set up near Lake Turkana, the world’s largest permanent desert lake. Approximately 365 wind turbines are to be set up on sight. Officials would like

Eco Delight: Unconventional wind turbine designs

Wind Energy has often been touted as one of the most reliable sources of renewable energy. Efforts to harness this awesome power of nature commenced during the primordial age when Persians built the world’s first windmills. The designs of wind turbines

Functional and efficient wind turbine blades made from duct tape

Wind turbine is one of the conventional devices used for harvesting green energy. The entire device is simple but consists of various parts, which are assembled together and play their own role in generating electricity. Wind blades are one of the importa

Heath Evdemon creates silent and versatile Wind Harvester

Being able to successfully harvest renewable energy means never having to worry about running out of energy sources. Present technologies allow us to experiment with a variety of concepts and designs, which when perfected, become surprisingly viable. Thou

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