Wind Power Guide

What’s next: Bladeless wind turbines

As we know it You must be aware of the fact that wind turbines are very helpful in making efficient use of renewable source of energy. The wind turbines are such device, which convert various forms of energy into electrical energy. The kinetic energy fir

The good, the bad and the ugly about vertical axis wind turbines

Vertical wind turbines look completely different from the conventional wind turbines that have blades rotating on the horizontal axis. The vertical turbine can be compared to a coin spinning on its vertical axis. Modifications in the design and structur

What’s next: Wind powered gadget chargers

From ancient times, wind provides green and free power. It helps to charge many things right from personal one where moving air is used to power your devices to action toys which get energy from the mini wind turbine. This ecofriendly solar charger not

How to generate green energy using wind turbines

Wind energy is one of the major sources of producing green energy in the world. Wind turbines are used for generating power from wind energy. These wind turbines actually convert the kinetic energy of the source wind into mechanical energy that in turn is

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