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Functional and efficient wind turbine blades made from duct tape

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Wind turbine is one of the conventional devices used for harvesting green energy. The entire device is simple but consists of various parts, which are assembled together and play their own role in generating electricity. Wind blades are one of the important parts of the wind turbine that rotates with the wind. In the past too we have seen different people using unique things for making the wind blades.

Duct tape wind turbine blades

Recently, a backyard tinkerer, who calls himself supergokue1 demonstrated his unique and innovative idea of using a duct tape to make the blades for wind turbines. The procedure for making these turbines is simple and does not consume much time.

He used an old bicycle wheel as a rotor and wrapped the duct tape around the spokes of the bicycle wheel, giving shape to the blades. After seeing the well defined turbine, the first thing that comes in the mind is that this unique idea is definitely going to work. If you watch the video given at the end , you will realize that the duct tape does serve as an efficient wind blade with the wheel rotating at high speed. What is yet to be seen is that how this geek designer will turn the motion of wheel into electricity.

Although, the project work is still in progress, supergokue1 has stated in his comments that he plans to connect two DC motors to two separate wheels.

Via: Treehugger

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