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Human memory based solution to enhance power from wind turbines

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Consistent performance of wind turbine is always necessary for better power generation. A wind turbine has to face both mild breezes and gale-force gusts under various weather conditions. This inconsistency often results in less power production. A team of Chinese researchers suggests a human memory-based solution to keep the reliability of the wind turbine under varying wind conditions.

A bio-inspired approach to enhancing wind power conversion

Wind turbines are basically built to generate maximum power when winds occur in a certain speed, which is called the rated speed. As of now, when there is wind below and above the rated speed, control systems make timely changes to the turbine generators. Concurrent changes to the angles of the blades and the generator’s electromagnetic torque keep power produced in an optimal level in various situations. It also secures the turbine from damages.

The Chinese researchers namely Yong Duan Song, Wen Chuan Cai, Peng Li and Yong Sheng have devised a biologically inspired control system for the wind turbines. The system makes use of memory of past control experience to generate better outcomes. In the initial stage, the solution brought poor results, but it was proven successful in continued efforts, the researchers say. Of course, the brain-controlled solution can ensure stable performance of the wind turbines under various climate situations.

The researchers have published their study in the Renewable and Sustainable Energy journal of the American Institute of Physics. According to the researchers, the human-inspired solution for controlling the wind turbines holds great promise to enhance the efficiency of generation from wind turbines in future.

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