The new era of transportation will be friendly to the environment

Changan by Antoine Alaurent

The transportation we have used and are using has caused untold damage to the environment. Vehicles emit greenhouse gasses causing global warming and climate change. Natural resources have been depleted to a great extent and new, eco-friendly transportation modes are in demand from people.

Car manufacturers are revving up their research in eco-friendly technology, to be used to manufacture cars in the future. The governments of most countries are supporting new eco-friendly technology by providing necessary infrastructure such as setting up electric car charging stations powered by solar energy and so on. Let us take a closer look at the advances in eco-friendly transportation technology:



E-bikes with lead batteries are the latest in green bikes. This is because the 95% lead content of these batteries can be recycled. The cost of e-bikes using Li-ion batteries have gone down and prices are expected to decrease further, as they are high in demand now from eco-friendly people. Noise and other pollution are reduced. E-bikes are gaining in popularity as they can keep people fit, apart from fewer emissions and the electric motors allow them to be driven across rough terrains. Parking is quite troublesome these days, but e-bikes can be parked with ease.

Short distance eco-friendly transportation

The paucity of parking spaces and traffic congestion in downtown areas have motivated a transportation company called Slidr, to start a short distance energy efficient transportation to people in Raleigh and Ashleigh. The vehicles resemble golf carts, are windowless and low speed, with seat belts and turn signals. These vehicles are low maintenance and have zero emissions.

Electric scooters

OjO Electric scooters

Electric scooters are being preferred by many. The ‘OjO’ scooter has a maximum speed of 20 mph and can travel a distance of 25 miles per charge. It has charging cord, enabling ease to charge. Its Bluetooth feature can be used for navigation and music listening purposes.

Electric bike wheels

This innovation can transform existing bikes to an eco-friendly commuting option. Instead, of using a car, bus, or train, the electric wheels can power the bicycle of a slow moving automobile, having a top speed of 20mph and range of 30 miles. The electric wheels are available in six sizes and sound quite interesting.

Semi-autonomous vehicles

Volvo’s XC60

Semi-autonomous hybrid vehicles are eco-friendly and combine luxury and power. Volvo’s XC60 is an example of this – it has a hybrid option which offers the driver to the ability to use different energy sources. Cars like this are driving the push towards electric vehicles to be used in the future.

Gasoline-free watercraft 

Traditional gas-powered watercrafts are heavy emitters of greenhouse gases, apart from being noisy. The Free Form Gratis X1 has been designed to be a silent electric watercraft. Its battery takes 90 minutes – 4 hours to be charged and can cruise for 45 minutes on water after every charge. Watercrafts like these are going to be more common in the future.

Vehicles generating energy

Changan by Antoine Alaurent

The ‘Changan’ is designed by Antoine Alaurent and Marin Myftiu. This radical car has photovoltaic skin and the internal seats’ fabric is capable of generating electricity, which makes the ‘Changan’ an eco friendly car on road.

Formula Zero

The cities are seeing an influx of people which is leading to even more traffic and the need to come up with innovative transportation solutions. Audi’s concept ‘Formula Zero’ intends to provide the power to move within a city with the help of pedals. It is made from composite materials, aluminium, and plastic which makes it lightweight and strong.

Up-cycled bikes

Deliveroo  Up-cycled bikes

Many bikes have created using up-cycled designs, but the food delivery bike designed for the company Deliveroo is unique. The bike has been made using kitchen tools which are no longer used. So, it has rolling pins as handle bars, pedals made of potato mashers, whisks make up the spokes and so on.

Other car manufacturers and taxi/cab companies need to come up with solutions like these so that we have more environment friendly options to travel. The new era of transportation spells well for the environment but it remains to be seen how soon the eco friendly vehicles become an affordable option available to all.

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