Most Creative Eco-Friendly Transport Solutions in the making

Technological innovations are helping people lead greener lives these days. The same goes for transport solutions, which are becoming more eco-friendly day by day. Here are five such eco-friendly transport options that are definitely worth waiting for in the days to come.

Ford C-Max Solar Energi concept car

Cars Powered with Solar Panels

An innovative way to make a car very energy efficient would be to fit it with solar panels. That is exactly what the team at Ford has done with the new Ford C-Max Solar Energi concept car. The vehicle comes with a rooftop solar panel that would use the sun’s rays to offer a four-hour recharge.

Solar Impulse glides over Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco

Planes Powered with Solar Panels

Maybe it is time to conquer the skies with eco-friendly solutions as well. The Solar Impulse is a solar airplane that uses solar power as a substitute for fuel. The airplane can easily cross-continent and oceans, staying aloft continuously. The makers of the airplane are also gearing up for a flight around the world sans any fuel. This flight is slated to take place next year.

MS Turanor Planer Solar

Boats with Solar Panels

Of course, we cannot forget the water, now that we have conquered the land and the skies. Enter the MS Turanor Planer Solar, a yacht that has been fitted with solar panels to tap into the sun’s rays. The boat has over 5000 square feet of these panels, which would unfurl like wings when it is sunny and bright outside.

Trident Iceni Car Running on Cooking Oil

Cars Running on Cooking Oil

With gasoline prices hitting the roof, one would start looking for vehicles that can run on alternatives as well. The Trident Iceni from England aims to do just that. The car can run on cooking oil, reaching speeds of 190 mph with 68 mpg. Considering the fact that cooking oil is easily available when compared to gasoline, this car would definitely be worth waiting for.

google Self Driving Car

Self Driving Cars

Finally, we have cars that can drive themselves without human intervention. Google has been testing a similar prototype car which be navigated from far off. Driving by machine can easily save lots of gas in the long run.

biodegradable car Phoenix Roadstar

Biodegradable Cars

How about building cars out of biodegradable materials? Well, that is what the team behind the biodegradable car Phoenix Roadstar has finally managed to achieve. Made out of panda chow, the Phoenix Roadstar was designed by Kenneth Cobonpue and has bamboo and rattan as its base materials.


More individuals are opting to go green by choosing eco-friendly products and services these days. The same goes for transport options, which are seeing a lot of innovative styles and designs. These designs are surely something worth waiting for, and would definitely change the world for the better in the near future.

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