10 Environmentally friendly housing complexes planned for green cities

Environmentally friendly housing complexes

Save the environment is the buzzword these days and many companies are busy developing housing complexes that are totally green and ecofriendly. Here is the list of 10 environmentally friendly housing complexes planned for green cities.

1. Singapore’s first ecofriendly housing project

Singapore's first eco-friendly housing project

Following into the footsteps of SOLARA project in California, Singapore has also decided to develop an ecofriendly housing complex. The Singapore Housing and Development Board has come forward to develop this completely green residential project known as the Treetops@Punggol. The HDB’s project will have seven 16-story towers and these buildings will be surrounded by garden areas. The HDB has decided to use environment friendly technologies like solar panels and water recycling mechanism in these towers.

2. Enticing Lotus Tower offers sustainable housing for eco-conscious Slovenians

Enticing Lotus Tower

Slovenian architects Enota have designed this innovative and ecofriendly housing project for Ljubljana, country’s largest city. The project is named the “Lotus Tower.” The apartments are 60 meters high and their width is 15 meters. The apartments have a park in the front. The apartments have good ventilations because of their double-sided orientation. The designers have built the incision system perfectly allowing the sunlight to fall inside the apartments.

3. KEO designs solar-powered residential complex for Palm Jabel Ali

solar-powered residential complex

KEO International Consultants has designed the Palm Jabel Ali islands in Dubai. The deluxe residential complex designed by the firm for Palm Jabel Ali is attracting attention of people across the world. The building has 25 floors. The unique housing complex has three bedroom flats, gardens, and deluxe penthouse units. The building has a swimming pool and advanced fitness center. A canopy structure is built on the terrace. The canopy is fitted with photovoltaic panels.

4. Floating apartment complex would make people live on a lake

Energy-efficient housing complex

Dutch architect Koen Olthius deserves credit for coming up with the idea of The Citadel, a floating apartment complex. Koen works for Dutch firm Waterstudio. Koen’s housing complex will allow people to live on a lake. The Citadel is the first floating apartment complex in the world. The temperature inside the complex will be regulated by the water on which the building will be built. Koen claims that the apartment complex will save up to 25% energy than conventional buildings. Koen has used prefabricated modules in his luxury apartments.

5. Lingfield Point: A carbon neutral project for Durham

Lingfield Point

The master plan for the redevelopment of Lingfield Point is developed by FAT (Fashion Architecture Taste). It is a 42-hectare site located in Darlington County Durham. The housing project is ecofriendly because it is completely carbon neutral. The project will have several residential apartments, community centers, shops, restaurants etc. An eco-corridor will enhance the place. It is expected that the company will use renewable energy generators for energy and water needs.

6. St. Val Architect proposes a wholesome vernacular bamboo housing project for Haiti

vernacular bamboo housing project

St. Val Architect studio has come up with concept of an ecofriendly housing complex for Haiti’s capital Port au Prince. It seems that the firm has taken inspiration from Haiti’s art of making cocoon-shaped baskets. A vertical alignment has been designed for the residential units. The firm has used local materials for building the innovative houses, which are sustainable and ecofriendly.

7. Eco Housing Complex by 2pm Architectures

Eco Housing Complex

2pm Architectures Collectives has developed the Eco Housing Complex in Turquant, France. This environmentally friendly housing complex is made up of sustainable steel. The steel used in this energy-efficient building is recycled and 100% reclaimed. The steel framing system used in the building can be disassembled easily. This building has a single roof.

8. ZNCH: A carbon-neutral housing project for the urban world

ZNCH housing project

Carl Burdick has come up with the idea of a Zero Net Carbon Housing (ZNCH) project, which is ecofriendly. Burdick has used several technologies to make the project energy efficient. The housing complex is sustainable and it will have shops and a restaurant as well. The multi-story building has photovoltaic cells to trap solar energy and use it for useful purposes.

9. Housing complex by Magnusson Architects aims for LEED Gold

Sustainable housing project
This 6.5 story housing complex is proposed by Magnusson Architects. The ecofriendly building features 40 rental units. The designers of this building will minimize heat gain by integrating passive solar heating and day light design. Photovoltaic panels are fixed on the roof.

10. DB Architects plan sustainable housing development for Sacramento

Sustainable residential development

A sustainable residential development project was unveiled by David Baker + Partners Architects in 2010. The four-story sustainable building will come up in Sacramento near the Alkali Flat/La Valentina Light Rail Station. The project will have 60 units of housing, some shops and a café.

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