Eco Friendly Transportation: Organik Motion Bike offers clean transportation

one wYCGs 11446 Eco Factor: Pedal-powered bike system provides clean transportation. Organik Motion bike delivers high-performance in perfect communion with a great design. The Z-frame concept, sporting a fully integrated braking system, integrated front and rear suspension systems and an integrated shaft drive, makes it an eco-friendly mode of transportation. Also, the user can adjust the saddle and handlebars. two nPcGc 11446 If you hunt for technological innovation, you’ll find a joystick-mounted gear and break lever system to ensure better control. What attracts me most is a static inner wheel system with integrated reflectors and a hind light. This cool bike, thus, shows signs of ergonomics creeping into the realms of mechanical transportation. three eX49r 11446 The Dark Side: It can’t be used for long-distance expeditions surely. If it’s heading for the younger generation, then I’m a bit apprehensive about its acceptability. Being pedal-powered, this bike might not meet the pace of modern electric-bikes. four YaJ2B 11446 Via: Tuvie

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