Simple ways to reduce air conditioner usage at home

Come summer and the air conditioner in every home would be turned up full blast. Sadly, that would reflect on the electricity bill, which would easily increase by at least double the amount you usually get. So what can you do to remain cool indoors during the blistering summer season without actually using the air conditioner too much? Well, here are some excellent tips you can try out!


Close all Curtains

One of the best ways to block the sun’s heat from entering the home is to close all the curtains. Keep the windows and curtains closed throughout the day (close them the first thing in the morning), making sure you open them only after the sun sets. This would keep your home cool during the day time.

Opt for Insulated Curtains

Using insulated curtains in the windows can effectively reflect back the heat and keep your windows cool enough to just let a breeze in. Consider covering the window exteriors with an insulating sheet (like a cardboard, paper sheets, foil or bubble insulation). This would prevent the heat from entering the windows and heating up your home.

Use Fans on Low Settings

Using fans on high setting can only push the heat downwards, making your home hotter. Alternatively, you can switch on the fan and let it run slowly to keep a gentle breeze flowing though the room. Better yet, place the fan near the covered window so that it can circulate the fresh breeze coming through the windows into the room.

Keep the Windows opened at night

Open certain windows around the house the moment the sun sets and the outside air becomes cool. You would probably need to open those that are facing the direction the breeze is coming from. Just make sure you get up before sunrise and close the doors and windows.

Also make it a point to open all the interior doors like closet doors, kitchen doors and cabinets as they would otherwise not release the heat stored in the daytime, thereby making it harder for your house to cool down.

Switch off Heat Sources

Using stoves or ovens in the night can build up heat inside the house. So opt for cold foods or preheat them in the microwave. Switch off lamps, computers, televisions, plug in adapters and even incandescent lamps (use LEDs or compact fluorescents instead), all of which emit heat. Doing this at least a few hours before bed time would definitely minimize the heat in the house.

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