Best Solar heaters to buy in 2019

Suntek Energy metal solar water heater

The need for heated water is felt very often in our lives. Be it for bathing or cleaning or any other purpose, we often have to resort to warm water. So naturally a water heater is a useful appliance to own. In most cases the water heater is electric and is thus not the most eco friendly option. Apart from the burning of coal to produce the electricity, it is also clearly not the most cost effective alternative. So the solar water heater is a great thing to have installed in your houses. You will have warm water running whenever you need in an eco-friendly way and on a budget. Clearly you couldn’t have asked for more.

Some of the best solar water heaters that you can buy

  1. Onyx Solar water heater:
    Onyx Solar water heater
    This is one of the most popular options when it comes to choosing the water heaters powered by solar energy which you can buy in 2019. It has an amazing tolerance to hard water and that is very effective for users in many parts of the world. The anti fogging abilities in this device are one of the most interesting features and the build quality is so good that it becomes a very durable option for you to own. The performance leaves nothing to complain about and if you are thinking of getting a solar water heater, this can be a great purchase.

  2. Racold aluminium alpha pro domestic water heater:
    Racold aluminium alpha pro domestic water heater

    The SS445 inner tank of this device is one of the best in business and when combined with the working abilities this device proves to be one of the best performing solar water heaters you can get your hands on. This device has a very informative digital display where you can check the water levels and even the water temperatures. It thus adds greatly to the convenience of the user. It also allows you the option of manual heating or switching to electric power if you feel the need. Surely in the list it is one of the best solar water heaters in business.

  3. Supreme Solar SS-004 Solar Water heater:

    Supreme Solar SS-004 Solar Water heater
    The best feature of this device is possibly the attractive storage capacities of up to 250 liters. The coating is of such great quality that absorption of sunlight and making the most of the energy opportunities is a basic feature of this water heater. The solar cells used here are very efficient indeed and the glass tubes used are as strong as they could be. So overall this product comes across as a durable and long lasting and yet well performing water heater.

  4. Mega Power Solar water heater:

    Mega Power Solar water heater
    Like the option we just discussed, this one too has a decent storage capacity of 250 liters. The way this device is built it can easily be arranged to be setup outdoors or on the roof. This hardy solar water heater has the building materials of the finest grade and the glass tubes which are so crafted that the maximum of solar energy is synthesized. Being light weight it is not just one of the most affordable options for you but is also to move around or setup wherever you feel the need. The eco-friendly module is the last advantage that you could have asked for and this device actually even provides you with that.

  5. Rocksunsolar Solar water heater:
    Rocksunsolar Solar water heater
    One this solar water heater the insulation is top notch and it ensures that the warm water is retained for longer periods of time. This unit has a long life courtesy its durability devised from the usage of great quality products in the building process. The capacity of 250 liters too is something that makes the users happy about it. The stainless steel built lends it the necessary sturdiness and makes it a solar water heater that you can buy on a budget.
  6. Suntek Energy metal solar water heater:
    Suntek Energy metal solar water heater
    Although it is a great low budget option for you to try out, it is surely not the best in terms of storage. With just hundred liters of storage on offer what strike you would be the other pros of this device which helps it compete in the markets. The PUF insulation steals the show and so does the external stainless steel body which is very effective later on during your journeys. The hard water tolerance on this particular device too is something the users love and all these make it one of the best sellers when it comes to solar water heaters.

  7. Cirrex Water heaters:
    Cirrex Water heaters
    The 80-120 gallon capacity tank is enough for the household needs and Cirrex water heaters are handy gadgets for contractors to install. 70% power is taken from the solar energy sources and this is what makes it a cheaper alternative once the setup process is complete. Besides it is also eco-friendly in many ways like we have already discussed. Among the several solar water heaters on offer, this one is most definitely among the best in business. Easily available on Amazon this can be your best bet for now.

  8. Stiebel Eltron SBB Plus:
    Stiebel Eltron SBB Plus
    The double heat exchange mechanism on this device is unique and its capacity of around 80-120 gallons is surely satisfactory. Although there are three models of this particular device this one is the most abundantly used item. The durability is reliable on this device which can be said again from the hard built quality on this. The ideal times to heat water that is when it is extra cold can be an amusing time with this water heater at your service.

Final words

These are some of the most affordable options for you when it comes to the solar water heaters. If you are concerned about the environmental degradation and are also worried about the rising electricity bills then these appliances can be the perfect fit in your houses that you can buy in 2019. We can assure you that none of these fine products are going to disappoint you.

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