Green Homes

Seven most innovative alternative housing ideas

Are you tired of living in small apartment spaces with walls and window enclosing you? Our modern day living has got us restricted to a large extent. Most of us find it difficult to think beyond our regular houses and apartments with all modern amenities,

Homestead House by Michael Jantzen

Screen doors to make your home green and natural

Screen doors are an extremely versatile and useful addition to your home. Screen doors come with a variety of designs which can make your front door look beautiful. Apart from beautification, screen doors also provide security, they can allow you to see

Screen doors

Best eco-friendly French door designs

Global warming is the main concern for most of the people around the world. Thus, people are opting for an eco friendly environment to stay in. French doors are the best option for this purpose. The origin of French doors started in 17th century. These do


Green technologies for eco friendly homes of the future

Global warming, pollution and toxic wastes scream that our environment is rapidly deteriorating. To protect our own interests, it is quite imperative that we should think and implement ways and techniques that are eco-friendly. We can think of building ho

5 Eco-friendly home products made using recycled materials

The concept of ‘green’ is catching up like fire all around the globe. People are trying to identify green ways and incorporate them into each and every aspect of life. Using green products means that you are contributing in keeping the environment pollu

Honeycomb-inspired lamp

Net zero energy homes for living off the grid

One of the best features that green energy sources offer is the ability to go off grid. While installation of photovoltaic panels and wind turbines along with scores of other energy saving features that make a home sustainable might be expensive to start

Net zero energy homes for living off the grid
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