Green Homes

5 Causes of indoor air pollution

When anybody speaks of air pollution, our minds conjure images of ghastly black smoke hovering in the skies. We think of vehicles and industries too. What we do not realize is the fact that air pollution affects us more when the air being referred to is t

5 best ways to green your house that you didn’t try till now

In US, more than 90 percent of building roofs are dark colored. During peak summer, dark color roofs absorb more heat and buildings require more energy to cool off. Remedy to this problem is coloring roof with lighter shades to promote better heat reflect

Top 5 most extreme green homes for eco conscious individuals

Since the dawn of history, human beings have carved out personal shelters for themselves, be it in rudimentary caves or colossal palaces. Because a house (as a shelter) is a kind of a private spatial volume which alludes to our personality at an intrinsic

10 Design’s sci-fi house sleeps underground in nature’s fury

Understanding Mother Nature is not only difficult but it is impossible. Havoc caused by the slightest shift in the crust of earth is beyond human control. We cannot put an end to these natural disasters but can work on providing solutions to at least save

Different types of flooring available for your green home

Opting for “Green alternatives” as flooring options is a trend fast catching up with environmentally aware consumers, who want to do their bit by sustaining the delicate balance of nature. A host of materials have thus made their entry to the field. The u

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