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Federico floats down Parana River on a blue kayak made out of old soda bottles

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Plastic bottle recycling has been often covered by us here at Ecofriend. From pouches to sprinklers; and from chandeliers to flower vases, plastic bottles have always been put to use creatively. And, this time around we are here to narrate the story of an industrial engineer, Federico Blanc, who dreamt about floating down the Parana River in Argentina, on a recycled kayak.

Kayak Made from Recycled Bottles

We all know there are endless ways of reusing plastic bottles given the fact that plastic is lightweight, non porous and available in plenty. Also recycling it hardly costs much and yet allows you to fulfill your creative aspirations. In one such incidence, Federico from Argentina decided to build himself a kayak from old soda bottles, which would take him and his friend across the waters of his homeland.

Federico glued together dozens of plastic bottles to make a blue kayak. Don’t get disillusioned by its dainty looks, it is in fact eco friendly can carry two people comfortably. Surprisingly it also accommodates a cooler to feed the rafters, when they are hungry. The highlight of this kayak is that it seems to be an easy DIY project that normal people like you and I can also undertake.

Plastic debris that pollutes the ocean shores can actually be used for making such kayaks. The recyclable attributes of plastic generally go waste, but such models can be an inspiration for people to reuse what would have otherwise been nothing, but utter waste.

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