Gary Harvey’s eco friendly recycled couture creates fashion with a conscience

‘Recycling’ can really contribute to an ethical fashion revolution. Yes, some good can be done to the environment by sourcing fabrics and raw materials that have literally been thrown away. That is what Gary Harvey does! For nearly ten years was the Creative Director of Levi Strauss and Dockers Europe, Gary’s designs evolved by using 42 pairs of Levi’s 501’s. It was since then; his passion for creating ‘recycled couture’ has taken over.

Recycled Fashion

Here, he has produced various stunning designs while showing his responsibility and service towards the environment. For example, he has created, a stunning design using 18 burberry macs, a fishtail corset dress using 28 camouflage Army jackets, and a body-contouring gown using discarded baseball jackets.

Recycled Fashion

Gary’s latest creation is the newspaper dress. It is made from 30 copies of the Financial Times! He says, The desire behind this collection is about re-contextualising iconic, everyday garments to create dramatic new silhouettes.

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