La Casita Encantada: An eco friendly house made of recycled plastic bottles

There are various ways by which we can save our environment. One of the most powerful ways is the recycling of waste products. However, recycling does not always mean a serious activity of going and cleaning up all the trash. It can even be a simple, yet a great, fun-filled activity. The recent inspiration of recycling can be got from 78-year-old Maria Ponce and her husband 102-year-old Prudencio Amaya who have together built a house with the help of many recycled plastic bottles.

Dream home made from plastic bottles

This unique eco friendly house, La Casita Encantada, located near El Transito, El Salvador attracts many tourists who love to watch the creativity of the couple and appreciate their efforts. La Casita Encantada is a pretty comfortable small house and Ponce has tastefully decorated it with colorful paints and other small items. Although the reason behind building the house with recycled bottles was the scarcity of money, it has actually helped the surrounding to get rid of such a large amount of plastic waste. Thus, recycling here has served a dual purpose.

Therefore, it has been proved that recycling can be in different forms. Everyone need not build a house out of bottles to be environmentally-friendly, but being a little careful and showing small concerns can actually be a real help. Our small activities can also make a great difference. Therefore, give wings to your creativity and imaginations, and find out the different ways in which you can help our surrounding to remain green forever.

Via: Msnbc

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