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Eye catching lamps made from used coffee filters

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Most of us enjoy drinking coffee, sometimes to satisfy the craving and mainly because we just want to. However, while making coffee we don’t usually think about products like coffee filters, which are discarded after a few uses, and coffee stirrers, which are mostly discarded after every use. We have seen innovative minds come up with creations made using coffee stirrers, but this might be the first time we have seen a beautiful lamp made using nothing more than simple coffee filters.

Stunning Lamps Created From Used & Stained Coffee Filters

Vilma Farrell, who is originally from Brazil, uses the love of her country for coffee as an inspiration behind creating these stunning lamps using recycled coffee filters. Each lamp is remarkable in its own significant way. Vilma crafts these lamps by hand in the evening when her children go to bed. Initially she leaves coffee filters to dry out, either on a newspaper or else a towel. Some of the filters are used as they are and the rest are stained using the juice of the vegetables like beets and spinach.

Once dyed, Vilma cuts the filters, entwines them into a frame and lastly applies polish to give it a final touch. Thus the colors that are reflected from the glowing lamp are a blend of natural coffee filters and those which are dyed. These eco friendly lamps are very easy to make and above all are inexpensive. The coffee filters required to make them are also readily available in almost every home and if not you can get them in abundance at a local coffee shop.

This recycled coffee filter dexterity is fit for all ages, as this flexible paper is easy to use and moreover it is great fun to see the exclusivity of each filter that is tainted by coffee. A variety of new things can be made using these coffee filters, with creativity and imagination being the only prerequisites.

Via: Bitrebels

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