Eco Arts: Recycled C-119 Rudder Desk from Motorart

Desk made up of recycled 1950s C-rudder aircraft parts

Eco Factor: Desk made up of recycled 1950s C-rudder aircraft parts.

Another fine piece of recycled work can be seen in Motorart’s wonderful collection. This time it’s another desk made out of 1950s C-rudder that will, obviously, be called the “C-119 Rudder Desk.” Not hard to believe how a recycled object could be so attractive and charming, as Motorart has already created many such pieces earlier. To give it a fine look, the desk has been stripped and powder coated. Hardwood leg assemblies support it firmly, and through a frame covered with 1/2” tempered glass, you can peep into the story behind its meticulous construction. It’s available in custom colors on demand. You can order for one either in a full length at 11′-0″ or shortened to 8′-4″.

The Dark Side: There is not much to criticize, except that like other works of Motorart, this one will be costly and the average public might not have access to it.

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