How to Make A Solar Fan

How to Make A Solar Fan

A solar fan with rechargeable battery can be your savior during hot summer days. Although there are plenty and more options in the market, you can also make one at home and we aren’t talking about something that kids usually make for their school projects. It would be a fully functional fan operating on solar electricity that you would be able to use regularly at home or at the office. Want to know how to make it, well check out this tutorial. If you don’t think you can make one, and still want one, you can skip the tutorial and look at some of the coolest and most innovative solar fans available in the market.

How to Make A Solar Fan

Solar EnergyHere is a project which will add to your comforts while making the best use of solar energy. The thought is to make a fan which uses solar energy for its operation. In this fan, solar energy is converted into electric energy by the solar panels using wafer-based silicon. This solar fan is ideal for cooling attics, garage, inside a vehicle or even in a small place where you need to feel the breeze. For making this project, you can get all the components from the market.

Difficulty level: Moderate

Time Required: 2 hours.

Resources required


1. Circuit box or any enclosure

2. 12-volt computer fan

3. 12-volt solar panel

4. Large 25-volt capacitor

5. Two AA Battery Holders

6. Two Rechargeable AA Batteries


 using-drill.1. A Soldering Iron

2. Solder

3. Wire

4. Wire Cutters

5. Drill Machine

6. Drill Bits

7. Hand saw

8. Hot Glue Gun

Estimate Cost

This project is not so expensive and a budget of around $10 is sufficient enough for its making.


When all the tools and components are handy, our next mission is to assemble them which can be done quite easily by simply following these steps:

1. First cut and strip wires of various lengths.

2. Now, make some hole in the box so that the wires can pass through these holes.

3. Next step is to make connections using wires between the fan and the capacitor. First, by soldering connect the red/positive wire of the fan to the capacitor’s positive terminal and then to the red/positive wire on the solar panel.

4. The next step is to connect the black/negative wire of the fan to the capacitor’s negative terminal and then to the black/negative wire on the solar panel.

5. Afterwards on the top of the box fix the fan with hot glue gun gluing it from all around and then glue the solar panel next to it.

6. Put the entire board on which the capacitor, the batteries and the wires are attached inside the box. Thus we will have the fan & solar panel outside the box and the rest components will be inside the box/enclosure.

Frequently asked questions

How to Make A Solar Fan

Is it mandatory to use capacitors in this project?

Yes it is absolutely mandatory to use a capacitor as the solar panel will power the fan, but if there is any extra power generated then it will be stored in the capacitor just like a small battery. In case there is a shadow over the solar panel then the stored power in a capacitor will keep the fan running.

How can the output of a solar fan be enhanced?

This question has a very simple answer. To improve the power of your solar fan, just double the output of the solar panels. You can do this by using more solar panels and by connecting them in series-parallel. For that you need to be electronically inclined or you can consult a technician.

Quick tips

1. Before connecting the various parts, make some holes on the box and then connect the various parts in such a way that the fan and solar panel will stay outside the box and rest will be inside it. Pass the wires through the holes on the box first and then connect.

2. You can customize your fan as your needs grow by using more panels and a bigger fan.

3. Check the connections using a multi-meter.

Things to watch out for

1. Always wear protective glasses while soldering to save the eyes from any kind of harms.

2. Always remember that the fan and solar panel will be outside and rest capacitor battery panel and batteries will be inside the box. So, first pass the wires through the holes and then connect them to the components inside as well as outside the box.

3. Follow the stepwise instructions so as to avoid ugly situations or any confusing moments.

More concept solar fan ideas

1. Concept Solar Powered Fan

solar powered fan 1

As gadgets and gizmos have become an integral part of our existence, we have seen industrial designers designing them with a special mention to the aspect of sustainability. Conceived by Yorick Stuyts, the Solar Powered Fan is one such innovative attempt at harnessing natural heat to generate a cool environment in summer. This lightweight fan is fitted with organic photovoltaic cells that make use of solar energy to propel its blades that, in turn, help to beat the heat.

The fan is made from two light sheets of flexible material with photovoltaic cells printed on them. The dimensions are as that of an A4 size paper. These sheets are foldable and – as stated earlier – each of these has a set of photovoltaic cells set on the inner surface and are connected to each other with snap connections. The main reason why the photovoltaic cells are embedded on the inner surface of the outer plates is to prevent them from getting damaged easily. Two small fan blades, a motor and a set of wires complete the entire set up. When all the parts are connected to each other, the outer plate 1 and the outer plate 2 meet to form the main surface with the middle plate 1 and 2 acting as support to the motor and blades at the center.

Since the product is not cumbersome, transportation becomes easy. Easy to fold and preserve, the fan does not consume electricity, and that perhaps is its most important feature and advantage.

2. The Solar Fan

solar fan 1

Using solar energy for portable devices not just makes you green but also keeps you away from the mess cables lead to. Having a portable fan at the right place might look easy but a wired fan needs a perfectly positioned wall socket, which ruins the aesthetics of your home or your car. Stuart James Sharples has shared his latest creation with us, which can keep you cool on solar energy.

The Solar Fan is a personal fan for use in the office, car or home that is powered entirely by the sun. The four suction cups allow you to stick the fan to any window and the tilting solar panel means you can adjust the angle for optimum efficiency. The neck of the fan can be tilted and rotated to ensure that the breeze is directed toward you.

3. Portable solar fan by Alek Tyack

portable fan

Whenever you use a fan most of the energy it consumes is wasted airing areas that don’t really need it. Alex Tyack has designed a concept fan that is portable, runs on solar energy and also ensures that you don’t waste any energy by aerating your furniture. The fan comes with a circular air outlet that the user can position at the exact area where air is needed, which can be your face or even a freshly printed design.

It is designed with an “Eco-Warning system” that alerts the user when the charge in the fan’s batteries is about to finish. Furthermore, it can also be connected to the mains for better performance or to use the fan’s built-in heating system.

Final Words

Sun is an eternal source of energy. While all the sources of energy have their own limits but sun as a source of energy has no such limit (except during cloudy days). So, to use the energy coming from the sun to a higher limit, we should discover new technology and things. And, also this energy is absolutely cost-free. Utilizing it for operating your fans is the best option, both for your pocket and for the environment.

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