Metal Motorcycles from scrap showcase unique recycling skills

Seems like there are many people across the world who are now starting to take up recycling in a serious fashion and many of them are using their creativity and skill to transform scrap into works of art. It might seem simple when the final result is in f

Core-52-55 eco friendly sculpture is made using plastic waste

The idea of accomplishing the sculpture Core – 52-55 emerge in artist’s mind because of his prudent observations of different components that are responsible for linking the communities. Water, which is an essential element for human beings serve as the

Endless cutting: Sachiko Abe and her pillar of shredded paper

We have seen plenty of art works and installations that have baffled us, enthralled us and even transformed us into a different world with their unique nature. But few have ever bordered on ‘completely eerie’ and even a bit crazy like this ‘Cut Pape

Artist creates giant sculpture out of used metal sheets

Metal is among one of the many materials that takes time to degrade. So instead of send it to the landfills, why not use it to create something? Don Kennell of DonsBigArt has sculpted a giant dog figure titled Best Friend out of corrugated sheet metal and

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