Wolf Art Glass creates stunning blown glass works from recycled bottles

Blown glass is fast emerging as the material of choice for designers and artists alike. Despite being a relatively old trade, it is only now that it is gaining full recognition. It’s said to have been invented by the Phoenicians back in 50 BC, spreading in influence to Rome and Egypt. Wolf Art Glass and Pottery is a company that specializes in blown art glass with a twist; the materials used are upscaled from discarded glass bottles and other items to create decorative and functional pieces that are simply stunning.

Blown Recycled Glass Bottle Art

The company was recently featured in a book titled ‘Sculpture and Design with Recycled Glass’ alongside other artists and designers all showcasing their works. Green seems to be the main color scheme for Wolf Art though there are many products that are colorfully vibrant. Aside from the countless pitchers, bowls, glasses and lighting fixtures, the company also creates pretty holiday ornaments like eye candy balls, which can also be used as sun catchers.

Wolf Art mainly recycles Topo Chico bottles owing to their lack of glue and paper labels. The glass of Topo Chico bottles is said to be challenging to work with as well as rewarding as it cools and hardens quickly. Aside from using discarded glass, the design company also uses energy from Pedernales Electric’s Green Works, which is sourced from the wind. That adds to the green factor, which only makes Wolf Art’s work even more appreciable.

The design company also involves itself in pottery, creating unique pieces and sculptures with a colorful twist. Drawing inspiration from nature, most of the products comprise sculptures of birds and mushrooms, painstakingly painted to mimic the colors of nature.

Wolf Art seems determined to adhere to nature’s abundant flora and fauna for inspiration, which is evident in the many designs on display.

Via: Wolfartglass

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