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Metal Motorcycles from scrap showcase unique recycling skills

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Seems like there are many people across the world who are now starting to take up recycling in a serious fashion and many of them are using their creativity and skill to transform scrap into works of art. It might seem simple when the final result is in front of our eyes, but the idea to transform something that is discarded and seems useless to most of us into an object that we would admire and gladly welcome into our own homes is always welcome. And Emerson Bianchin has done exactly that with his little motorcycles made out of scrap.

Tiny Scrap Metal Motorcycles

Electronic waste is becoming one of the biggest problems of the modern world. In our mad clamor for faster, sleeker and better gadgets, we are discarding the old pretty quickly. In fact, the new of today is becoming outdated a bit too hastily and since all of us wish to stay ‘relevant’, we welcome the new gadgets with glee. the older ones most often end up as scrap. These tiny metal motorcycles made by Emerson Bianchin might not solve the problem of tons and tons of e-waste lying around, but they do spread awareness.

Model like these might also inspire others to take up recycling and make the process fun and creative. The artist of this tiny bikes himself starts apparently with a single core component and then builds upon it to create the entire structure.

Via: Makezine

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