Core-52-55 eco friendly sculpture is made using plastic waste

The idea of accomplishing the sculpture Core – 52-55 emerge in artist’s mind because of his prudent observations of different components that are responsible for linking the communities. Water, which is an essential element for human beings serve as the base for exchanging different cultures by connecting the Mexico city with Mexican Communities in Chicago. The main aim of this sculpture is to get eco-friendly solutions from something that is hazardous to life.


About the artist :

The artist responsible for this 9 feet long sculpture of core-52-55 is Mi-yeon Kwon. She is working at the Art Institute in Chicago. Her experience includes –

  • Studio arts
  • Art Appreciation
  • Art HIstory
  • Asian Arts

At college level she is well known in chicago area for her great sensibilities in arts. Her work is showcased in U.S.A, Japan, South Korea. The work that is gaining popularity these days is her project core-52-55.

Project Core-52-55 :

This project Includes 15 other volunteers along with the artist. It is assembled in Mexico city by using waste plastic bottles of water and soft drinks. The 9 feet Long sculpture is framed in muse de san carlos. at a Latitude 19° Arte Contemporáneo. As we all know that water is imperative for human being and for storing this water they use their advancement in technology in form of bottles but, these bottles are main concern for environment when empty and thrown here and there causing pollution.

So, this project of core-52-55 is the welcome change that hopes to create environment friendly ideas. This project is also a cause of bringing two communities of mexico city and mexican communities of chicago together by collecting the material from both the places. Thus bringing them closer and diffusing the cultural differences of both the places. It is the perfect way of recycling the waste material.

.Via : Miyeonkwon

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