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Modern mummification: Life-Size Mummy crafted out of discarded McDonald’s food

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One of the most popular aspects of the culture of ancient Egypt are the mummies and Hollywood has ensure that they become all the more popular with their spooky hands stretching out in a zombie walk as lose fabric ends start flying around in the air. But in reality, the process of mummification had great significance in the ancient Egyptian culture as people believed it to be the starting step for the life beyond death. Ben Campbell, the guy who crafted the mummy out of $200 worth of food from McDonald’s, believes that it demonstrates a common strand between ancient Egypt and modern society.

Guy Makes Life-Size Mummy Out of McDonald’s Food

The idea is that much like ancient Egyptians strived for immortality and a ‘life after death’, modern society also tries to achieve the same with its quest for fame, celebrity status and giant multi-national corporations that ensure that the name of an individual lives long even after they are gone. In that sense Ben would like you to see the connection between modern franchises and corporations like McDonald and ancient Egypt’s mummification and hence the mummy with McDonald’s food! Yup, that a pretty long connection to draw…

It is interesting to see how various artists are finding their own unique way to bring forward issues of their choice and while Ben himself does not talk about food wastage, the mummy is an example of how we waste food and the way in which food discarded in some of the big cities of the world could feed several small towns. For now though Ben is busy trying to draw the attention of McDonald’s to the mummy, but we are not too optimistic on the company replacing the giant clowns in front of stores with spooky mummies just yet!

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